What keeps you busy?

Well, this is what keeps me busy…

40 quarts of tomatoes out of my freezer, now cooked and jarred…

In the roaster is the beginnings of spagetti sauce.

October Misc

In the next pot, we have the beginnings of tomato juice…

 October Misc

And in the next pan the beginnings of tomato soup…

October Misc

Titus even got in on the helping…

October Misc  

We started about 9:00 am and the last jar was pulled out of the canner at 2:30 pm…

We got roughly 38 pints of product.

October Misc

Next is grapes… I still have another box to do… sigh…

Grapes with stems…

October Misc

Grapes without stems…

 October Misc

Grapes being processed… yes there is an easier way then how I did it, I just don’t have the right equipment, so you make do with what you got…

October Misc

Some of the finished product…This is what we did with the jar that didn’t seal…Mmmm..fresh homemade grape juice, can’t get much better then that

  October Misc

And what would one of my posts be with out some pictures of my wonderful boys…

October 011a October 006a October 009a

Jairus can officially climb to our secind floor without help…kinda scary actually…now i guess we need to train him on coming down

 October 001a

And for the Ebersole’s, Titus has rediscovered the shoes you got him last year and just loves running around the house in them….

Titus October 013a

Have a super, awesome week reflecting on God’s precious gift to us. I am so excited for lovefeast this weekend. Keep your mind focused on the things above…. Blessings!!!


4 thoughts on “What keeps you busy?

  1. HSmomto4 says:

    I want to come live next to you!!!  Now did you grow all of that or did you buy it?  I can’t wait till my fall garden comes in so I can get back to canning.  I did just can 6 pints of sweet potatoes that I grew over the summer, but I won’t have anything else till after Thanksgiving.  The boys are so cute! 

  2. GodsDucks says:

    @HSmomto4 – all the tomatoes are home grown, i freeze them as they come so I can do one big tomato day. The grapes I bought along with the celery and onions for the soup and sauce. I’m impressed canned sweet potatoes, never heard of them! How do you do it?

  3. HSmomto4 says:

    Sweet potatoes are a southern girls best kept garden secret!  In Florida hardly anything will frow in the summer months of July and August, but sweet potaotes or Yams love the hot humid weather.  They vine like crazy and grow roots that swell in the last month.  When you pull the vines up you would even know anything was growing, but when you dig deap down, you find these giant sweet potatoes.  We pulled up a little over 40 of them this year.  You let them cure in the sun for a few days to harden the skins on them and then either put them in a dark place where they will stay good for about 6 months or you can them.  If you want to can them, you steam them for about 15 minutes, peal the skins off like a jacket, quarter them, place them in pint jars, cover with boiling water and then process for 65 minutes.  I use them through the holidays for my casseroles.  I have to make two every time we eat because one half of my family loves them with brown sugar and nuts and the other likes them with roasted marshmallows.   Me…I just love them anyway I can get them! 

  4. cwjphotos says:

    Coming down the stairs is scary. I tell ya! I about freak out when my children try that. I like how the older boys will slide on their bums. I tried it recently. I’m too old for that. It hurt! CAre to send me some of your grape juice. Yummy!!!

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