A Walking, Buggy Tomato

OKAY…Well, maybe not quite like that….But I got your attention…

Jairus is all but walking. He is loving his push toys or anything he can push to walk behind. So the question is, when will he actually begin to walk???Hmmm….


Meet our amazing friend. This is probably one of the only bugs I am okay with. I think they are amazing. Titus wasn’t too sure though as long as it stayed on the other side of the door he was good. We came home one night and he was walking along our door frame to come in. He hung around outside the door for quite a while.

October Misc

Lastly, our tomato situation. Frost offically hit here and we cleaned our plants off yesterday before the tomatoes were killed along with the stalks. So, now I am left with this big box of green tomatoes. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do with green tomatoes? Please Help…

October Misc

Well, thats it…Blessings on your week.


8 thoughts on “A Walking, Buggy Tomato

  1. If you wouldn’t mind the “waste”, let the children have their way with them. My boys jammed them on posts in the yard.

  2. ladibug88 says:

    Make green tomato soup it is so good and taste just like the regular soup

  3. davenleah says:

    If you let them sit in a warm spot in the sun they actually ripen pretty nicely – at least the smaller ones – the big guys might not do so well.  Jairus is looking like such a little man, up and walking and everything! 🙂

  4. GodsDucks says:

    @ladibug88 – do you process it the same? or is there an actual recipe I need…

  5. Did you ever hear of green tomatoe pie?  They say it is good.  Also, they will ripen if you let them sit in the sun.  Some may rot but others will ripen if the fruit is firm.  One year I washed them in a light solution of clorox water and wrapped them in newspaper and placed them in the basement (cool place) to let them ripen slowly.  A few did ripen, but I was not impressed with the outcome!
    Jairus will soon be chasing his big brother!  Love those boys!

  6. cwjphotos says:

    I had a dream about that bug of yours crawling on me. EEEK!

  7. ebersoles says:

    Jarius is growing up! I keep reminding myself they don’t stay little long. I don’t have any advice regarding your green tomatoes.

  8. HSmomto4 says:

    3 words….Fried Green Tomatoes!  A southern favorite… 

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