Not very inspired!!!

first is a praise–it may be silly–our camera got wet on saturday and was acting weird after thinking we let it dry out. my dear hubby took it apart (stating we have nothing to loose) and let it dry some more…put it together the next day and voula…a functional digital camera again….


okay now into this weeks post….nothing terribly exciting…

Saturday Morning we packed the boys up and headed out to Eastland Alapaca Farm for their open house…

Titus was really cute…These are the best pictures though…You could feed them and then youcould go and walk them around….too cute…

Titus November (5)a Titus November (2)a

Then this is what I found last night as I was getting ready for church (we have revicals for those wondering).

November 001a November 002a

When I started getting ready Titus was on the floor and Jairus in his crib…Then everything got really quite (not a good sign)…so I peaked in and this is what I saw…I do declare it may be time for Titus to graduate to his big boy bed after this stunt…sigh…he is getting soo big…

Have an awesome week…I had the best way to start a week yesterday…To go and hear a baby’s heart beat…I always look forward to that and it never ceases to take my breathe away and leave me marveling…Oh I can’t wait to get a picture of this little one to share with you all…I am feeling a smidge better but the waves of nausea still roll in and out like the sea…Take time to marvel at each life God has created, pray for those babies yet unborn and for the moms of those who have lost their child before they were able to live on their own…Blessings–


6 thoughts on “Not very inspired!!!

  1. Isn’t that wonderful to hear the baby. Just one in there? It is an amazing thing. DO you have to drive far for your appointments? If we have another and we want decent care, probably about an hour’s drive. So so care about a half hour. In Omaha, we lived less than 5 miles from the hospital.Baby G is trying to climb into his crib. Kind of funny to watch. He adds exaggerated groans. Oh my! He does that walking up stairs or trying to bend over and get things. Do I sound like that?!?!?Kim

  2. GodsDucks says:

    @Coveredwithjoy – Well, for now we know there is one! My doctor’s is about a 15 minute drive, it was alot closer before we moved, but we can still get there pretty fast when we need too I think we decided it is far better to fight the bed battle then potty train…  :wink-wink: hearing little one’s heart beat just makes me completely head over heals for this babe…Oh This is when being pregnant is fun :love:

  3. cwjphotos says:

    Me again…I just noticed the bedroom wall. What is the picture on the border?

  4. GodsDucks says:

    @cwjphotos – the border would be cartoon Noah’s ark. If you go back through my posts to the summer of 2007 there should be close ups of it….let me know if you find it and what you think….

  5. camerawoman says:

    YEAH for a baby!!! When is your duedate? I am glad you are feeling better, but I hope it continues to get even better!! Praying that everything goes well!! Have a WONDERFUL week overflowing w/ God’s amazing love, Rachel

  6. GodsDucks says:

    @camerawoman – right now we are looking at may 29 but well we know that can change and baby could be like its brothers and decide that 2-3 weeks early is perfect so we shall see….am anxious to start feeling 100 % sometime here…I know it can’t last forever…can’t wait to talk to you again. blessings- lisa

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