My Thanksgiving Blessing

Amazing and hard to believe that our Thanksgiving Blessing is now a year old….

Jairus 067a

We did alot of celebrating this weekend. Saturday was his actually birthday, which was spent with my family.

Jairus' First Birthday 030a Jairus' First Birthday 035a Jairus' First Birthday 051a Jairus' First Birthday 083a Jairus' First Birthday 088a Jairus' First Birthday 100a

Then yesterday was spent with hubby’s family celebrating his birthday and cousin Isaiah’s birthday (who was a thanksgiving baby the year he was born, as well).

Jairus' First Birthday 126a Jairus' First Birthday 129a Jairus' First Birthday 131a Jairus' First Birthday 136a

It is amazing how fast a year goes by….This little Thanksgiving Blessing has truly been a blessing to our family with his contagious laugh, curious smile, and silent trouble. We love him lots and praise God for trusting us with this precious little man.



One thought on “My Thanksgiving Blessing

  1. mrs_ghiselli says:

    The first year is all ways so hard but such a blessing. Love the cake.

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