Prayer Requests and a Crazy Kid

First here are two very special and very dear child to our family.

This is Blaine Michael Ebersole. He was born on Oct 27, 2008 and due to some very hard circumstances he has fought his way to the road to recovery in his short life. He is currently at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, suffering from a hemorrhage on the head and poor kidney functions. Please pray for God’s grace for his parents as they try to make sense of everything and try to provide for his growing needs. Also pray that God’s will would be done in his little life, whether it be to heal this little guy or to allow him to live with some disabilities, that God would use this to bring glory to Himself.

November Misc

Next is Ava Noel Grow. She would be my cousin. This little three year old girl is about to go through a custody battle. Currently she is with her mom during the week and my uncle on the weekends. This is a very sad situation. Please pray that she would feel loved through all of this. That if God chooses she would go to the most loving and caring parent.

Jairus' First Birthday 094 Ava2


And unto our crazy kid…we are trying to teach our two year old not to stick his hands in his mouth. No matter what we say or due back in the mouth those hands go…Sigh…Well we got the bright idea to put hot pepper on his hands to prevent this from happening and wouldn’t you know he promptly stuck his hands in his mouth licked the pepper off and asked for more. Okay, so then we tried tabassco sauce…and wouldn’t you know the same response occured. UGH…does anyone have any idea of what to do with this little boy to break this habit before his hands get terribly chapped? HELP!!!!


4 thoughts on “Prayer Requests and a Crazy Kid

  1. tigergal01 says:

    praying for those two precious children! also, that you would have wisdom w/ your little guy! sorry i don’t have any tips

  2. Blondie1485 says:

    Wow your little boy has a strong taste…… maybe soap or is that bad?????  Or maybe make him sit until he stops…. idk what to tell you??? good luck!!! wow and those other two babies /children makes my heart hurt…..

  3. I’ll be praying for those little ones. :)Band aids. I wrapped one boys fingers with band aids. Wrap fingers together if need be. Or a little different from a previous idea mentioned above, have him sit… on his hands.What we are trying to break is #3’s habit of putting his hands in his pants. Not all the way, but a band aid won’t stop that. Kim

  4. cwjphotos says:

    Is the baby your brother’s? The one you had the shower for? How are things going?Kim

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