Well, despite being super busy and feeling like I am never home (during the day or at night). I have managed to capture some fun moments.

First here is Titus’ new best friend George. You may keep seeing George in further posts because he is making for some fun and interesting stories around here. Take note the diaper. This was last weeks adventure with George.

November Misc Titus November 005a

Titus kind of enjoyed watching Daddy cut fire wood on Saturday but did not enjoy the noise at all. He did enjoy helping Daddy sharpening the teeth on the chain.

Titus November 009a Titus November 011a

Have you ever seen a two year old with a black toenail?

November Misc

And my success for the week was this cinnamon bread yesterday. It actually rose like it was suppose to. The swirls are wonderful and very few air pockets and moist. YEAH….

November Misc

Oh and how could I forget the most cute picture I have. Here are Jairus and Beaulah at a year old. My have they grown and their personalities are amazing. God is good.


Have an awesomely Blessed Week….



9 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. camerawoman says:

    Yeah for yeast that works the way it should!!

  2. cwjphotos says:

    Glad your bread turned out. No, I’ve never seen a 2 year old, but I have a three year old and he won’t let me take a picture. HE got that when the chair fell on his foot last week.I am eagerly waiting the time he loses George and you buy a second only to then find the other. then you will have George Sr. And George Jr. That’s even more fun.

  3. Chearl says:

    Your bread looks delicious!!!  I love working with yeast and you will too — the only problem is I always want to eat what I bake and the older I get, the less I “need” it  :wink-wink:

  4. Blondie1485 says:

    wow the bread looks amazing!!!! it looks like he hit his toe and got a black and blue… ouch!!! poor little guy!!!

  5. reedseven says:

    Cute picture of the two one year olds!  They are such a blessing.Enjoy!

  6. Good job on the bread.  Love those boys! and George too!:wink-wink:

  7. GodsDucks says:

    @Blondie1485 – he was leaning on a booster seat which happened to be placed on his foot at the time…he cried then it was all better, now he insists it needs kissed better every time he sees it…

  8. cwjphotos says:

    Hey! Check out our new monkey on my blog. We may need a Bam Bam Junior.:hammer:

  9. cwjphotos says:

    Hey did you know this particular monkey has no tail? I was surprised.

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