Beware of the Cookie Monster

So I finally found time to make Christmas Cookies. This is huge, because I am not quite sure I made any last year because of Jairus’ arrival. It has become a tradition and a way to share our witness with our neighbors, to take them Christmas cookies this time every year. I look forward to doing it as much as I think they enjoy getting the cookies.

Anyways, this does not explain the Cookie Monster though….

This is the first year we let Titus help with decorating the sugar cookies (supervised of course).

Titus December 008a

Then the question came as to what to do with all the 10x sugar left over from rolling the chocolate crinkles…

Let a little boy have fun of course!!!

Titus December 009a Titus December 010a

And the best part is to let my two little cookie monsters indulge in eating some of the goodies…

Titus December 014a Jairus December 004a

If your wondering what Jairus did during the cookie making process… Well…

Jairus December 003a

And here is a picture of our spoils…The plan is to put them on plates and deliver them sometime this week….

December Misc

Be a blessing to someone this week and share your bountiful harvest of cookies and candies!!!

Have an Awesome God Filled Week….


3 thoughts on “Beware of the Cookie Monster

  1. cerwindoris says:

    That looks like fun – and took me back many years to when our children “helped” me bake Christmas cookies for neighbors.

  2. Blondie1485 says:

    wow…. they look yummy!!!!!looks like you are havin fun.. and the boys look like they are happy with the sugar!!!hee hee~ wow girl it seems like forever since i talked to you… life is crazy!!! anyways i hope you have a great one…ttyl~

  3. Chearl says:

    What fun you had baking cookies as a family —   The cookies will get eaten, but the special memories last forever!

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