It’s A Girl!!!

No, not my baby…Sorry to get your hopes up on me squealing what we are having…

Not in the least. This little girl is the new daughter of Darrel and Rosie.

She arrived yesterday after completely exhausting her mommy before doing so. She weighed in at 6 lbs. 11oz. and 19in long. With an amazing head of black hair.

Here she is….

Anna Grace 007a

With Mom and Dad…

Anna Grace 009a

With a happy Aunt and Uncle….

Anna Grace 005a Anna Grace 004a

Hope you enjoyed…Have an amazingly blessed week…


7 thoughts on “It’s A Girl!!!

  1. pianowithjen says:

    What’s her name?????  I heard she had her baby…. new it was a girl a while ago…. but still haven’t found out the name??????  :big-smile:  I’m going crazy with anticipation…..  May-be you are another one of God’s instruments in teaching me patience!!!  :wink-wink:  Let me know!!  Have a great day! 
    btw…. Funny with the “it’s a girl thing…. I did think you were talking about yourself….

  2. GodsDucks says:

    @pianowithjen – Her name is Anna Grace. We as family knew this about two weeks before she was born. I would’ve rather not known until she was born but that’s okay. Thanks for thinking I have a sense of humor. I couldn’t help myself. It is fun to keep people guessing. Have an awesome day. Feel free to ask any other questions you might have. 

  3. CKM_1985 says:

    Wow … u did have me very excited! She is precious! When r u due?

  4. GodsDucks says:

    @CKM_1985 – we are due may 25!

  5. ebersoles says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures. I wish I could see her in person. She’s adorable and so petite! I bet after holding her, your little guys are feeling pretty big!

  6. cwjphotos says:

    Now would an Anabaptist have a baby on Memorial Day? LOL I even checked my church calendar and between PA and IA, not a single one. Oh I know, Memorial day changes every year, but this year it is the 25th. :hmmmmm: :ROTFL:

  7. GodsDucks says:

    @cwjphotos – very unlikely that this anabaptist girl will…I have a track record of two weeks early and three weeks early. We are banking on mothers day….

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