So I had a first this week. I got to experince what it was like to be a mom of four children three and under. It wasn’t so bad. For several hours I had a three and half year old, my two and a half year old, my 14 month old and a three month old. Do the math! This is a very plausible arrangement. Not that this is what I am striving for in the least. It did lend to a very caotic lunch time. But playtime went great. So with out further adeau` here are some pictures.

Baby Sitting 008a

I was very tickled with how the boys handled this sweet baby girl. It actually made me excited to bring “baby may” home to two very loving and gentle brothers.

Baby Sitting 009a Baby Sitting 012a

Next was yesterday’s 4th and 5th grade boys sunday school class winter party. There were 18 boys from the class plus three additional boys that belonged to the teachers. It went really well, we played a balloon popping game with them, then sent them on a verse scavenger hunt, these two activities I missed getting pictures of. But the next two I did. We had a donut eating contest and yes, two of the teachers got involved (one being DH).

Boys SS Party 003a Boys SS Party 007a Boys SS Party 009a

The next event was a pinyata (sorry spanish people for my misspelling). They really got into this and when they didn’t break it they asked the teachers to join in the fun.

Boys SS Party 011a Boys SS Party 014a

It was a great way to spend a sunday afternoon. But I am glad it is only once a year .

Well, may God bless you this week as you seek to serve Him by serving others.


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