Then and Now

I have been anxiously waiting for a light dusting of snow to get some good comparison pictures. Well, yesterday was the day. We got about two inches of unexpected snow which has everything looking amazingly beautiful today.

Anyway, so I have been waiting to post this since this summer. Two years ago when we moved into this amazing house God has blessed us with, we had a great veiw of an old farm and farmhouse. Most people around here refer to it as Jake Geib’s Farm. (even now) Here is what it looked like.

old veiw0001a old veiw0002a

Well, alot can change in two years, and if you live around here or if you follow my posting you are aware that there was a bunch of construction going on this summer. It started about this time last year when the barn and house were torn done, the beams and rocks sold to willing buyers of old barn building materials. After they were removed plans were made to widen the road and change the intersection just beyond the bridge. Well, now that everything is said and done, here is what the veiw has changed to over the past two years.

January Misc January Misc

I think I liked having the buildings there. It is a little hard to compare, the tops photos are from our film camera and the bottom ones are digital but I think you can still see a stark contrast here.

Well, thats it for this week unless something amazing happens. May God bless you with a slower paced week.


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