Makes Me Want One


I had the amazing priveledge of helping my sister-in-law yesterday, and part of helping her was having several hours to dote over my newest neice. Need I say more!!! Look at this sweet muffin and tell me how you can’t fall in love with this precious baby girl….

Anna Grace 011a Anna Grace 015a Anna Grace 019a

Anna is doing so well, happy when she needs to be, hungry when it’s time, sleeps pretty sound, and charms when you least expect it. Yep, that’s the life of a baby for ya!!!

Have a blessing filled week.


9 thoughts on “Makes Me Want One

  1. Blondie1485 says:

    awwwwwww…. she is sooo cute!!!!!:love:

  2. HSmomto4 says:

    Well sense you are going to have a baby I guess thats a good thing! LOL  We had a 7 month old baby boy in our Mom’s Prayer Group this morning teething and you should have seen the older “Grandmothers” go into action.  They had him sound to sleep 15 minutes into the study.  I miss those days…
    On a side note, I ordered my clothesline from Lehmans last week and it should be here very soon!  Thanks for posting a picture of yours, it will save us time and about $120 a month on our power bill.  They are running it right off our back porch and over the garden.

  3. pianowithjen says:

    Wow she is really cute!! Sounds like a very good baby!!  Mommy will get spoiled!!!:wink-wink:

  4. GodsDucks says:

    @pianowithjen – I’ll make sure to pass that on :wink-wink: Have you talked to her lately?

  5. pianowithjen says:

    @GodsDucks – No not for a long time…. I need to get in touch…

  6. camerawoman says:

    She is so precious!! Yeah for babysitting privilages!!!

  7. mrs_ghiselli says:

    makes me want to have a neice close by two. hehe. That way I can see all the cuteness and go home to sleep. :sleepy:

  8. I’m guessing that is Rose’s (?) little one? (her name is Rose, right?–still got my forgetful brain here) Anyway, can’t wait to meet her at our birthing class reunion. she is so cute!

  9. GodsDucks says:

    @fruitloops115 – Yes it is!! She is excited as well. I told her you a little girl and the name and she was excited for you. I am hoping she remembers her camera on thursday night so I can see all the cute babies lined up on the sofa. It is  definately one of my favorite pictures in my first borns scrapbook It is great to see you are doing well and your little Abbi is adorable.

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