I am asking all those of you out in xanga land to be in prayer this weekend for the ROCK GIRLS RETREAT. Three Rock staff females and two helpers are heading up to a cabin in Pine Grove to spend the weekend ministering to and having fun with 7 Rock Girls. This is the first retreat in several years and these girls are unchurched and need so much love. Please pray that God would bless our feeble efforts and that seeds may be planted for His kingdom. Most of all that everyone would be kept safe and healthy. No cat fights would break out and friendships will be built. We are leaving tonight and be home Sunday afternoon. Thank you so much for lifting us up in prayer. May God bless you for blessing us in this special way.


4 thoughts on “PLEASE PRAY

  1. Anonymous says:

    Will be praying. What a wonderful opportunity! God bless-

  2. HSmomto4 says:

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes!  May God bless you and what you are doing!

  3. cerwindoris says:

    Blessings and prayers!

  4. Chearl says:

    Praying for a refreshing and faith building weekend for all of you!!!

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