Outside Adventures

This is pretty much our happenings from Saturday afternoon and evening. What a wonderful change of pace.

Freshly tilled garden, Freshly weeded flower bed, Freshly mowed grass…

April Misc 027a April Misc 028a Titus April 037a

Garden work…I love our little helpers…don’t you?

Jairus April 059a Jairus April 063a Jairus April 066a Titus April 040a Titus April 042a

What fun is gardening without getting a muddy foot?

Jairus April 061a

Helping with the compost pile…Titus really wanted to take a picture of Daddy working so…

Titus April 043a

They both were helping to dig it out and fill in holes in our yard.

Titus April 047a Titus and Jairus April 042a

Cleaning Up…

Titus and Jairus April 045a

Random Adventures in Between Helping!!!!

Titus April 048a Jairus April 069a

Jairus April 052a Jairus April 050a Titus and Jairus April 037a

May God Bless You This Week As You Seek His Perfect Will In Your Life.




Spring Has Sprung

What an amazing week we had. I have felt to loved on by God this week. A huge part of that is our constantly growing list of various nests around our house. We have a very brave and secure duck nested in our dried bamboo pile, I am think she has at least 5 eggs under her. She blends in very well and the boys are doing very good at leaving her alone, despite the fact she is very close to their play area.

April Misc 021a

Next we have a robins nest above a lite by our front door. It was fun to watch her build this in one day. Though I truly think she has made one elsewhere since, because I haven’t seen her recently. Can’t blame her, with two little boys who like to come and go on our porch, it leaves little privacy.

April Misc 024a

We also discovered last night a bunny nest in our wood pile by our garage. Sorry no pictures. I will enjoy this now, but come gardening season these little creatures will be on my dislike list. So I will feel hugged by God now and blessed with wisdom on how to control them then.

Well spring has definately sprung around here. No shoes and piggy toes in the sand you cant beat that.

April Misc 009a April Misc 017a

 The boys have absolutely been loving their time outside these past few days.Eveything from opening the sandbox to swinging to running and climbing. Its been a good change of pace.

Titus and Jairus April 007a Jairus April 036a

Look MoM….

Jairus April 027a

I have heard of rubadubdub three men in a tub but one man in a sand tub???

Titus April 018a

What is the fascination of dumping sand on your head?

 Titus April 017a

The playset looks like it will get used well this summer.

Titus and Jairus April 017a Titus and Jairus April 031a

The boys also thoroughly enjoyed having Momma and Pops up this weekend. It made for some great quality time together.

Jairus April 035a Titus April 022a Titus April 027a Titus April 029a Titus and Jairus April 024a

Have an amazing week enjoying the many things God brings our way.

Easter and Such

Saturday we were at the “Copi’s” and each boy got a little goody bag to hunt for. They were both intregued by this.

Jairus April 010a Titus April 004a

Yesterday we spent the day with the Ebersole family. Baby Anna was pretty much the center of attention. This is ecspecially for Les and his family. 

Titus April 007a Easter 2009 017a Easter 2009 013a Easter 2009 012a Easter 2009 005a

The day was also filled with an egg hunt for the children.  

Easter 2009 004a Jairus April 012a Jairus April 013a

Jairus really got into hunting for the eggs, it is a very serious and intense untaking for such a small fellow.

Jairus April 016a Jairus April 019a

See what I mean. An amazing face plant into the dirt for his last egg. He didn’t even cry he was just grossed out by the dirt in his mouth.

There was also some cousin time.

Jairus April 022a Easter 2009 008a

And for the random pictures of the week.
We are SLOWLY starting the potty training process. This is what Jairus thinks about it. He was literally tickled pink with these training pants.

Jairus April 007a

And please tell me how this little man managed to get himself stuck in this stool.

Jairus April 024a

Well, thats it for this week. May God bless you abundantly as you serve Him this week. Remember “Because He lives we can face tomorrow.”

Troubled Horse Fun

You know there is trouble happening when your 17 month old disappears down the hall and is very quiet.

Jairus April 004a

Needless to say he sat there until the paper was back on the roll. How do the company’s get it so tight and neat?

Saturday my hubby took us to a coworkers farm to see a three day old foal and other horses. This was a blast for me (of course) and the boys loved it to. Jairus loved the feel of their muzzles and came away with an amazing horse impersonation sound (it is rather real sounding). Titus was actually more fascinated my the “cockadoodles” in the barn then the horses, though he seemed to really enjoy the little filly.

Jairus April 002a Jairus April 003a Titus April 002a April Misc 006a April Misc 007a

And leave it to little boys to find an alternate use for their tool bench.

Titus and Jairus April 004a

And a sewing project completed, this is for the boys when we hang wash out so they can help hand little thing on a wash line at their height. Titus trys very hard and I am pleased. Now we just need more none rainy non cold days to practice.

April Misc 002a

SEE A LITTLE TROUBLED HORSE FUN!!! Have an awesome God filled week.

Lots Happening

Lets start with the amazing hail storm on Sunday afternoon. Here we had hail roughly the size of quarters. It was an amazing site to watch but very grateful it wasn’t worse. Afterwards we were blessed by a very brillant rainbow.

March Hail Storm 002a March Hail Storm 004a March Hail Storm 009a

Next have you ever seriously sewn your sewing project to your sewing machine.

March Misc

We are excited to see our Lima Bean plants taking off fast.

March Misc

Now onto our children. Mr. Titus… He decided this was his bib the other evening.

Titus March 021a


Titus March 023a

Sporting mommy’s bandana…

Titus March 026a Jairus March 047a

Brother time.

Titus and Jairus March 004a

I finally caved in and gave Jairus his first haircut at 17 months. Sigh….It was a sad day. Before and After.

Jairus March 039a Jairus March 041a

Bucket head.

Jairus March 032a

Talking with Momma on the phone.

Jairus March 049a

Thats it for this week. Mounds of wash to do, a house to keep plugging away at and a baby to get ready for. The life of a mother. Sigh. I wish I had more hours and more hands. Oh well, we do what we can in the time we can with the energy we have. Blessings-