Lots Happening

Lets start with the amazing hail storm on Sunday afternoon. Here we had hail roughly the size of quarters. It was an amazing site to watch but very grateful it wasn’t worse. Afterwards we were blessed by a very brillant rainbow.

March Hail Storm 002a March Hail Storm 004a March Hail Storm 009a

Next have you ever seriously sewn your sewing project to your sewing machine.

March Misc

We are excited to see our Lima Bean plants taking off fast.

March Misc

Now onto our children. Mr. Titus… He decided this was his bib the other evening.

Titus March 021a


Titus March 023a

Sporting mommy’s bandana…

Titus March 026a Jairus March 047a

Brother time.

Titus and Jairus March 004a

I finally caved in and gave Jairus his first haircut at 17 months. Sigh….It was a sad day. Before and After.

Jairus March 039a Jairus March 041a

Bucket head.

Jairus March 032a

Talking with Momma on the phone.

Jairus March 049a

Thats it for this week. Mounds of wash to do, a house to keep plugging away at and a baby to get ready for. The life of a mother. Sigh. I wish I had more hours and more hands. Oh well, we do what we can in the time we can with the energy we have. Blessings-


3 thoughts on “Lots Happening

  1. HSmomto4 says:

    (((Hugs))) We are so blessed to be able to have this life though aren’t we?  I’m looking forward to this summer and all the summer stuff you guys do.  I was telling a lady at my church a couple of nights ago about all the canning you did and the wonderful apple pie filling recipe I got from you.  See even a 1000 miles away your kindness is being talked about and shared.

  2. tigergal01 says:

    so glad you got some pictures of the hail…our camera batteries were dead! :oh-no: your little fellows are so precious and I love how you just show everyday pictures of them…even w/ buckets on their heads….they’re such boys! blessings on your day, lisa!

  3. I love the bandana heads!  All they need is a motorcycle! :wink-wink: Love those boys!  :celebrate: Hang in there with getting ready for the baby.  Maybe sometime soon I can come help for awhile!

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