Troubled Horse Fun

You know there is trouble happening when your 17 month old disappears down the hall and is very quiet.

Jairus April 004a

Needless to say he sat there until the paper was back on the roll. How do the company’s get it so tight and neat?

Saturday my hubby took us to a coworkers farm to see a three day old foal and other horses. This was a blast for me (of course) and the boys loved it to. Jairus loved the feel of their muzzles and came away with an amazing horse impersonation sound (it is rather real sounding). Titus was actually more fascinated my the “cockadoodles” in the barn then the horses, though he seemed to really enjoy the little filly.

Jairus April 002a Jairus April 003a Titus April 002a April Misc 006a April Misc 007a

And leave it to little boys to find an alternate use for their tool bench.

Titus and Jairus April 004a

And a sewing project completed, this is for the boys when we hang wash out so they can help hand little thing on a wash line at their height. Titus trys very hard and I am pleased. Now we just need more none rainy non cold days to practice.

April Misc 002a

SEE A LITTLE TROUBLED HORSE FUN!!! Have an awesome God filled week.


3 thoughts on “Troubled Horse Fun

  1. HSmomto4 says:

    :hmmmmm: Did I miss a picture somewhere?  The sewing project completed?  I love the horse pictures…  I miss my horses so much.  I may have room for dogs, cats, chickens, a turkey, ducks, bunnies and goats, but horses I can’t have…  Or a cow…  I want both though!  LOL  One day if God is willing.  Hey I prayed goats and got them.

  2. GodsDucks says:

    @HSmomto4 – I just added the picture thanks for pointing that out. you sound like me talking about livestock. I told hubby we need to see if we can go ride there after baby is born. i miss working with them soo much. maybe one day God will give us room to have a manageree of animals, for now we have a cat. outside i might add.

  3. cwjphotos says:

    Boys and animals are so much fun together. So is everything going well? I know I was just plain wiped out with my last pregnancy.

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