Easter and Such

Saturday we were at the “Copi’s” and each boy got a little goody bag to hunt for. They were both intregued by this.

Jairus April 010a Titus April 004a

Yesterday we spent the day with the Ebersole family. Baby Anna was pretty much the center of attention. This is ecspecially for Les and his family. 

Titus April 007a Easter 2009 017a Easter 2009 013a Easter 2009 012a Easter 2009 005a

The day was also filled with an egg hunt for the children.  

Easter 2009 004a Jairus April 012a Jairus April 013a

Jairus really got into hunting for the eggs, it is a very serious and intense untaking for such a small fellow.

Jairus April 016a Jairus April 019a

See what I mean. An amazing face plant into the dirt for his last egg. He didn’t even cry he was just grossed out by the dirt in his mouth.

There was also some cousin time.

Jairus April 022a Easter 2009 008a

And for the random pictures of the week.
We are SLOWLY starting the potty training process. This is what Jairus thinks about it. He was literally tickled pink with these training pants.

Jairus April 007a

And please tell me how this little man managed to get himself stuck in this stool.

Jairus April 024a

Well, thats it for this week. May God bless you abundantly as you serve Him this week. Remember “Because He lives we can face tomorrow.”


2 thoughts on “Easter and Such

  1. HSmomto4 says:

    I LOVE IT!!!  Your kids are just so cute!  Sounds like you all had a wonderful Easter.  How are you feeling?

  2. GodsDucks says:

    @HSmomto4 – very pregnant getting antsy for baby to arrive though I am definately not looking forward to the labor the brings the baby into this world. but as we say up here, “this too shall pass.”

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