Spring Has Sprung

What an amazing week we had. I have felt to loved on by God this week. A huge part of that is our constantly growing list of various nests around our house. We have a very brave and secure duck nested in our dried bamboo pile, I am think she has at least 5 eggs under her. She blends in very well and the boys are doing very good at leaving her alone, despite the fact she is very close to their play area.

April Misc 021a

Next we have a robins nest above a lite by our front door. It was fun to watch her build this in one day. Though I truly think she has made one elsewhere since, because I haven’t seen her recently. Can’t blame her, with two little boys who like to come and go on our porch, it leaves little privacy.

April Misc 024a

We also discovered last night a bunny nest in our wood pile by our garage. Sorry no pictures. I will enjoy this now, but come gardening season these little creatures will be on my dislike list. So I will feel hugged by God now and blessed with wisdom on how to control them then.

Well spring has definately sprung around here. No shoes and piggy toes in the sand you cant beat that.

April Misc 009a April Misc 017a

 The boys have absolutely been loving their time outside these past few days.Eveything from opening the sandbox to swinging to running and climbing. Its been a good change of pace.

Titus and Jairus April 007a Jairus April 036a

Look MoM….

Jairus April 027a

I have heard of rubadubdub three men in a tub but one man in a sand tub???

Titus April 018a

What is the fascination of dumping sand on your head?

 Titus April 017a

The playset looks like it will get used well this summer.

Titus and Jairus April 017a Titus and Jairus April 031a

The boys also thoroughly enjoyed having Momma and Pops up this weekend. It made for some great quality time together.

Jairus April 035a Titus April 022a Titus April 027a Titus April 029a Titus and Jairus April 024a

Have an amazing week enjoying the many things God brings our way.


2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. HSmomto4 says:

    Spring time is wonderful isn’t it?  I love the pictures of the boys with their toes in the sand.  We never wear shoes here and our feet prove it :ROTFL:  Soon it will be time to plant a garden won’t it?  We have most of ours in and just need to finish planting the beans.  The addition of two goats and three dusks have caused little work in the garden.  😀  So how much longer till baby number 3 gets here? 

  2. GodsDucks says:

    @HSmomto4 – its been really wet here so our garden has yet to be tilled. soon though. we dont do early crops so thats not a problem. as far as baby three goes could be 2 to 5 weeks…all depends…thats an amazingly horrible gap in my mind I would so love the sooner rather than later but we’ll see what the doctor says.

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