A Few of My Favorite Things

Hope you enjoy veiwing a few of my favorite things…

Charity May 098a Charity May 125a Family May 001a Family May 020a Titus May 052a

Both sides of a hose battle earlier this week. My dad was teaching Jairus how to kink the hose, while Titus was trying to soak Lowell, it was a wonderful site to watch.

Jairus May 046a Titus May 043a

And my new favorite picture…A site that would make any wife, mom’s heart melt. I love it.

Family May 010a

May God bless you with some of His favorite things, which I am certain will be your favorite things.


The first days…

Here’s some photos of CHARITY’s first days…

Her brothers are adjusting well and actually helping with spitty rags and providing some super cute TLC.

Mom and Dad are adjusting to interrrupted sleep and holding a fragile little girl vs. rough little boys.

All in all we are feeling amazingly blessed and grateful to be on this side of pregnancy.

And if you’re wondering who she looks like, she is a good mix of her two brothers, she has ones nose, the others eyes, ones face structure, the others cheeks, so we can truly say we don’t have “cookie-cutter” children.


Charity May 010a Charity May 019a Charity May 023a Charity May 028a


Charity May 047a Charity May 051a Charity May 057a

May God bless you abundantly from the tiniest little blessing to the biggest.



7 pounds 2 ounces–20 inches

May 21, 2009—8:12am

(teaser pictures)

Charity Hospital 1a Charity Hospitala Charity Hospital 2a


More to come as time allows…until then enjoy meeting this blessing as we get to know her better here at home!!!


I’ve been feeling a bit envious of our wildlife as of late…

  May Misc 014a May Misc 018a May Misc 020a May Misc 021a

They have their babies and I have to wait!!!

Well, I guess it’s all in God’s timing…Sigh…

The Mechanics of Growing

Here are our growing little men…

Titus is really learning the mechanics of fixing things, from picking the right tool to “fix” the tire, to helping his daddy use the ratchet to remove a mower part. It is so neat to watch!!

Titus May 012a Titus May 019a Titus May 023a

Jairus is looking a little big for his swing and Titus has taken to swinging like a big boy…sigh…

Jairus May 015a Titus May 010a

They’re even growing up enough to try a family game time. Despite the  fact all rules were void, it was really fun to watch and partake in.

Titus and Jairus May 019a Titus and Jairus May 013a

And no matter how much you grow bubble wrap and windows still open up a world of amusement…

Jairus May 022a Titus May 006a

Growing isn’t just for boys, its for birds too…The nest by our door now has all four birds in it that are poking their heads up and chirping asking for food.

May Misc 005a

Speaking of growing, for all those of you who have been waiting to see very pregnant me and our growing baby…

May Misc 011a  May Misc 010a

~Enjoy the many growing pains God allows us to go through, for with each comes joy, even if it’s not immediate~


Nothing Special…

There really isn’t much new going on around here…Rainy days keep us inside and the baby is still just waiting for God to give it the okay to breathe its first breath.

Here is Titus trying to be like daddy!!!

Titus May 003a

The other night the boys took on the task of helping daddy unload the dishwasher for me. I love their willingness to help!!!

Titus and Jairus May 002a Titus and Jairus May 005a

And dear Jairus is as adventuresome as ever…

Sitting in a toy storage box, using the slide as a tunnel, eating chocolate cake, and painting with safe paint (food coloring with a little water) (far easier to cleanup and safe if ingested).

Jairus May 002a Jairus May 005a Jairus May 008a Jairus May 010a Jairus May 012a

And last but not least…Remember this little birds nest right by our front door? Well here it is again, this time with three baby birds in it and an egg that didn’t hatch…Its been neat to watch the momma take care of them and to listen to them waiting. Their not very big but soon they will be gone, so I will enjoy them while ti lasts

April Misc 024a May Misc 002a

May God bless you abundantly this week as you seek His will and timing for your life…