Always Something New

Well, I guess thats true! We are finally falling into a routine of things and enjoying it. We had a rather mondaine weekend compared to the last two. Saturday we enjoyed an amazing visit with my brother and his family It’s been a while since I have seen them so this was a treat. Here he is enjoying Jairus. My Sister In Law enjoying Charity and Kyla holding Charity! I am not quite sure how I missed a picture of little Tim this weekend! Anywho!!!

June Misc 045a Charity June 066a Charity June 070a

Next we had fun yesterday doing some photo shots of our amazing children for a family member in Florida. Here you are Joanie (and Johnie) hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we did taking them!!! When each of our children were born, this is the super cool baby gift we got from our family. I absolutely love them, each is slightly different from the other. All are hand made and shipped in amazing packaging to keep from breaking. (Honestly if something ever broke with all that bubble wrap, foam and tissue paper I would be amazed.) Anyway…

Charity June 100a June Misc 051a June Misc 047a

Next are a  few pictures of Charity’s photo shoot for her 1 month picture for her scrapbook. Enjoy!

Charity June 075a Charity June 079a Charity June 105a Charity June 061a

She is getting so big, I can’t wait to find out how she is growing later this week!

May God bless you with a sunshiney week and many fun memories enjoying His creation!


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