Tons of Summer Pictures

 This is going to be a picture filled entry! Hope you enjoy seeing our many summer happenings of this past week!

This is how the boys spend their time waiting for daddy to come home from work!

Titus and Jairus June 049a

Jairus has enjoyed our little blowup pool, in the first picture he has taken to swimming with his head under water and the next one he is “surfing” on daddy’s back!

Titus and Jairus June 043a Titus and Jairus June 120a

Sometime this week our neighbor had stones delievered for his drive, the boys loved watching the dumper!

Titus and Jairus June 125a

When the boys were playing outside in the pool they realized being wet makes them go down the slide super fast and also allows bubbles to stick to you!

Titus and Jairus June 096a Titus and Jairus June 115a Titus and Jairus June 060a Titus and Jairus June 071a

Friday night we headed to refreshing mountain for one installation of our many mini summer vacations! Take note to how Anna and Charity enjoyed their time at the pool! (Les’ we missed you this year)!

Ebersole Vacation 2009 012a Ebersole Vacation 2009 043a Ebersole Vacation 2009 040a Ebersole Vacation 2009 053a

 Ebersole Vacation 2009 027a Charity June 143a

Also this week we had a break thorugh! Jairus actually wanted to hold Charity! (and Titus got in on the action too)!

Charity June 127a Charity June 136a

Saturday night our Sunday School class had a picnic! This little girl is getting used to holding a baby (her mommy is due in oct.) and of course the children got the honors of cleaning off the ice cream maker!

Charity June 150a June Misc 053a

Last night we went to go visit great grandma at the nursing home! The boys thought her wheel chair was some sort of jungle gym! And Chairty performed well by being awake most of the time! It was nice to see her smile come through as the children interacted with her!! (Les these pictures are ecspecially for you)

June Misc 072a June Misc 078a June Misc 084a June Misc 092a Charity June 153a Charity June 162a

May you be blessed by the people in your life, God’s amazing creation and the time He allows us to enjoy it all!


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