Philly Fun

  At the end of last week we packed everyone up and headed southeast to my parents house, for a visit thats been a long time coming! The reason for going… To introduce Charity to my side of the family. She is 6 weeks old and just getting to meet the family!

My Great Aunt was up from west virginia (this would be Charity’s great-great-aunt)

Charity July 004a

Here she is with her two great grandmothers!

Charity July 030a Charity July 028a

My dad’s brother (and his wife) and sister also came to meet our new addition.

Charity July 022a Charity July 033a

Of course Aunt Virginia got in on it too! But she has already seen her!

Charity July 016a

While we were down between visits and naps and feedings, this is how we kept entertained!

An old trainset at my parents!

July Misc 014a

A park I remember fondly going to as a child, of course they took all the fun stuff away that I remember. All but the awesome sprinkler pool!

July Misc 026a July Misc 035a July Misc 046a July Misc 064a July Misc 072a July Misc 075a July Misc 083a July Misc 088a July Misc 095a

What is a trip to my parents without a stop at the custard stand and introducing my boys to this amazing Philadelphia treat!

July Misc 097a

And a cuddle with pops!

July Misc 106a

We were blessed to be able to bring home some new play equipment for the boys! We promptly set it up friday night when we got home and they promptly played with it!

July Misc 108a July Misc 117a July Misc 119a July Misc 131a

Saturday was a day spent getting ready for bible school and then a picnic with the Ebersole’s (installation number two of our summer vacation with them).

July Misc 147a July Misc 154a July Misc 165a Charity July 041a



6 thoughts on “Philly Fun

  1. You have a great way of capturing the moments to remember! 

  2. Our youngest was a terrible traveller. How is yours? Is she now sleeping ok? Last question… did the box arrive?Nice pictures. So many sue crazy people are why all the fun stuff is gone. 😉

  3. GodsDucks says:

    @Coveredwithjoy – charity traveled very well. she has been sleeping through the night since three weeks and the box did arrive and we fell in love wiith the pookey book.  thank you so very much. i cant wait to read the baby face book to her!

  4. melanie512 says:

    i was so upset when they took away the rocket slide. that was my favorite!

  5. GodsDucks says:

    @melanie512 – seriously! come on where else do you know that had something so cool! even the neat horse swings are gone! they were the best!

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