Black and White

 We’re going black and white today! Here are some super fun pictures of the past week! I was going to wait but there are two huge events coming up this week that I am gonna want to post about later so…

Charity is becoming more and more alert!

Charity July 079a

Charity’s Favorite Spot to Be!

Charity July 087a

I love little feet!

Charity July 084a

How precious is this!!!

Charity July 089a

I Love Titus’ imagination! He put my clothesline tensioners on his trike and called it a trailer!

Titus July 002a


Jairus July 005a Jairus July 008a

And an amazingly disgusting spider on our wall! To get an idea of how big it was a brick is 2 inches wide!

July Misc 197a



One thought on “Black and White

  1. fromthecity says:

    Poor Jairus! You always seem to catch him stuck in things. You get great shots of all the kids, even Lowell.

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