Big Event #1

 Thursday evening was THE ROCK‘s 2nd Annual Carnival. Each Rock Staffer had a game and the kids each had cards that needed to be stamped for participation! The sky looked horrible and we feared for rain all evening. But something amazing happened, God had the storm parting around us just for the period of time the carnival took place. We had people watching it by radar and it was just passing around us. God is awesome and truly cares about these children. Another staffer talked about how God provided for each little part of her game. For us it was how the wind (though gusty at times) didn’t seem to blow our candles out. God truly blessed our efforts to minister to these kids in a fun way. The numbers weren’t as impressive as last year but the ugly sky probably kept alot away! So here are some pictures of the eventful night!

Try and Win a goldfish!

Rock Carnival 001a

Rock Carnival 002a

Soccer Accuracy

 Rock Carnival 003a

Toilet Paper Toss

Rock Carnival 004a

Our Game (get as many candles out as possible) 

Rock Carnival 006a

Touchy Feely Bags

Rock Carnival 007a

Hole in One

Rock Carnival 009a

Balloon Darts

Rock Carnival 011a

Baseball Accuracy

Rock Carnival 012a

Find As Many Objects

Rock Carnival 013a

Rock Carnival 018a

Bottle Toss

Rock Carnival 020a

And A barrel Train for the younger rock kids.

Rock Carnival 016a




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