Work and Play

MORE CORN! All in all we did 37 dozen ears of corn up for the winter.

This was Monday! We did 17 dozen. Some for us, some for my family, some for Lowell’s brother!

Agust Misc

This is what the boys did while we finished and cleaned up!

Agust Misc Agust Misc

This is Jairus’ first time eating corn on the cob! For him he thinks is great to keep it on the table and chew it!

Agust Misc

The other night we took a walk to go feed some ducks! Titus got brave with this “oh so friendly duck”! And Jairus just loved throwing the bread!

August Misc August Misc

Charity is making miles too! This is her first venture in the “round-round”! She loves it!

Charity August (45)a

And she has found a new friend and love! This teddy bear is from Pops! During this muggy hot week it has been far better for her and comforting to her then the fuzzy blanket that accompanied this bear! Isn’t she just irresistable!

Charity August (52)a Charity August (57)a



2 thoughts on “Work and Play

  1. fromthecity says:

    Can’t wait for our visit, thanks for the preview!

  2. ebersoles says:

    Thanks for doing the corn for us!!

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