A Bash and a Crash

This past weekend we went down to my parents to celebrate both of the boys birthdays. We picked a date in between the two and before my surgery to minimize running! Well, it was a crazy busy day but fun.

You may remember (if you follow me on facebook) I mentioned I was super excited about my rainbow cake. Well here it is in stages.
The idea was not very original. I follow a blog MckMama who shared this recipe but it was for a round layered cake which required refrigeration after putting icing on each layer which I neither had the patience or time for. So I got the bright idea to make a 6 sectioned nine by thirteen pan by using aluminum foil and baking the layers that way. And there you have it a beautiful and fun multi-colored rainbow cake.  The boys really liked it!

After cake they spent quite a bit of time running from my moms living room to her kitchen while pushing their new trucks.

And this is what happens at 6:00 and it is dinner time and you haven’t had a nap all day….

He just couldn’t last any longer. So we let him sack for a little before a quick bath and packing back up to head home and to our own beds.

Stay Tuned and I will Let you in on what else we have been up to and my super lame excuses for not posting.
Keep an Eye Out for God-He’s all Around-You Know!


3 thoughts on “A Bash and a Crash

  1. HSmomto4 says:

    I love the cake!! How have you been doing? What surgery do you have coming up? Is it from your accident?

  2. tigergal01 says:

    wow! i can see why the little guys liked your cake! looks like such fun!

  3. plainlady says:

    What a neat idea. I think I will try that on a cold, dreary, winter day! We have a couple winter time birthdays at our house so we will be having fun with this one!!!!

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