Our Christmas Review

Christmas this year was a little different from what our plans had called for. With snow and ice in the forecast we headed to Philly on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning, meaning we ended up having our family Christmas at my parents house. Flexibilty is a trait to be cherished I guess.

As preparation was winding down, Charity enjoyed “helping” with wrapping th gifts.

PC230111a PC230114a

Christmas Eve found us at the Hershey house, celebrating with all those that have been touched by this amazing family, which now totals 31 (give or take).

Mary helping Charity with her gifts

Hershey Christmas (9)a

Kevin and Dani helping Jairus

Hershey Christmas (14)a

And some of the “cousins” putting a puzzle together with Kevin and Dani

Hershey Christmas (3)a

Our Christmas was held in my old bedroom at my parents house. This is usually where we crash when we stay there over night. The children each got to open their new pajama’s on Christmas Eve, so they looked spiffy for their Christmas morning pictures. It was neat to have a 7 month old for her first Christmas rather then the 3 month old Titus was or the 1 month old Jairus was, she really enjoyed some of the new things she got.


Our Christmas (10)a Our Christmas (3)a Our Christmas (7)a

Stay tuned and I will show you how the rest of our Christmas morning (day) went and what we did with my hubby’s side of the family…

May we continue to keep Christmas in our hearts all year long; giving, loving, sharing, and worshipping as if it were Christ’s Birthday everyday!


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