Our Christmas Review (Part 2)

Christmas was fun at my parents. Super layed back and special because we were there all day (obviously since we arrive Christmas Eve). Anyway… Here is a glimpse into our day….

The childen opening their treasure’s and Charity lovin the wrapping papper!

Fetscher Christmas (7)a Fetscher Christmas (15)a Fetscher Christmas (25)a

We spiffed the children up just for the fun of it but some how Charity is the only one I got a picture of!

Fetscher Christmas (31)a

It was special to see my brother interacting with our children.

Fetscher Christmas (44)a Fetscher Christmas (57)a

Our new Christmas tradition, a teddy bear cookie for the children to tear apart (year # 2).

Fetscher Christmas (51)a

And last a picture of 4 generations of females on my side of the family. (My Grandma, My Mom, Me, Charity)

Fetscher Christmas (83)a

Now to the Ebersole’s…Sorry for my lack of pictures from this event. I need to go steal some from my MIL’s computer for scrapbooking…

The Boy Cousins *that are state side* (minus Victor, Vincent and Zach *missionary children*)

EBE. Christmas (3)a

The girl cousins *that are state side* (minus Julianna *missionary child) ~Theda made these beautiful dresses for the girls out of fabric she bought in Mongolia while visiting our beloved missionaries Les and Tonia and family whom we miss dearly~

EBE. Christmas (13)a

Well, that is our Christmas review. Maybe I will post something profound later or maybe not, totally depends on how the Spirit moves.

Until next time, may we keep Christ in the center of this new year, remaining focused on His will for our lives while He tarries. Blessings-



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