A Frog, An Elephant and A Duck…

Boys Jan. (8)a Charity Jan. (60)a

Peek A Boo—>Aren’t they cute!!!

Boys Jan. (6)a Charity Jan. (61)a

A tutor!

Charity Jan. (65)a

A good learner…

Charity Jan. (70)a

A Baby?!?!

Charity Jan. (71)a Charity Jan. (74)a

A Cupie Doll! (well not quite she’s sporting a hand knitted sweater and hat that was given for a baby gift)

Charity Jan. (63)a

And an Aloe Plant Bloom Growing… (we are actually praying it stops where it is at because it has about 6 inches until it reaches the top of the window, then what?) but we are super excited to watch what is going to happen! Google blooming aloe and look at the pictures its pretty neat!

AloeBlooma AloeBlooma2



3 thoughts on “I SPY…

  1. OK the blue and white dress she is wearing….yep we have that one! So cute!! I love the towels and the aloe plant is just beautiful! We had them growing in the yard outside and the freeze killed them I’ll have to get more from my Dad and plant them. They are great for burns! Miss talking to you bunches!!

  2. I love your Zoo!!!!!  Precious in His sight…. and Grandpa and Grandma’s too!

  3. This post is way too precious.  What sweeties you have!  And I can’t wait to see what your aloe bloom does.  BLessings, Kelly

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