South Carolina Review

 So, from Feb. 19-27 we were headed to and in SC. We traveled through the night both ways, which seems best for our children. They slept great during the travels and we had some good talks as well as listening to oodles of stories on CD. Anyway, we were the second of 8 vehicles to arrive on Saturday! The main reason for heading down to encourage these four amazing people.

Anne and her husband Allen

StoryTimeA AllenA

Mark and his new wife Marj (she is on the right)

MarkA KeriMarjA

The other main reason was for doing many little (and some big) projects to help out Fairplay Boys Camp School.

WorkingTrulanA WorkingKevinA PaintingA NateWorkingA MenWorkingA MenWorking1A MenA CleaningOfficeA

The mess you see in these pictures is compliments to four of the men from our group. The door way in the picture below was not there before we arrived. They spent monday cutting away at a three ply thick solid brick wall to make that doorway and add the support beams. The walls and ceilings, floors and more were covered in this red dust. In the back corner of this room it was maybe a 1/4 inch thick of dust. If you walked through that little door by Keri (who is vacuuming) it was about a 1/2 in thick (no carpet back there). I am not quite sure how many times we refreshed our buckets of water and washed out our rags. It definately made you feel like you got something done at the end of the day though! 

BeforeCleaning2A Cleaning2ABeforeCleaning1A CleaningA

Should I mention there was 17 children to 19 adults and that number jumped to 21 when Anne had her children with us. They really enjoyed each other but I think each child was ready to get back to normal at the end of the week! Here is a glimpse. I think I have all the children photographed at least once (i apologize if I missed someone). This is also a glimpse into how they were kept entertained throughout the week!

AvaABobbiCharityA CadeA EmmaA EmmaJairusA EricA EricEmmaA EsmeA EsmeHaleyA HeathA HeidiA MichaelA MasonEsmeJuelTitusJairusA IsaacA JessiAubyTitusA JuelCharityA WestonA WestonAubyJairusA TomA

We had tuesday off to tour and enjoy the wonderful 65 degree weather. Here is what our tour and hike looked like. (every group needs a photographer).  The last two pictures show the bridge our husbands worked very hard on friday to rebuild using steel beams to support. They spent much of thursday tearing the bridge down. Per my husband’s reports, it was in great need of replacing, it required lots of teamwork to put back up, and the boys will be a part of putting the finishing touches on the bridge so they can have some sense of ownership so the bridge won’t be defaced or such!

 PhotographerA FallsA Falls1A TourA TourBridge1A TourBridgeA

Some random pictures. Charity grew alot over that week and started pulling herself up on things and is now taking steps along furniture and climbing steps. One of the men brought back a blue tailed skink, I thought it was amazing and the children at least liked to look at it!

TricksA SkinkA

Oh, and what is a week away with that many people without meal time, here are a few glimpses of that as well. The second picture was the last supper down there and we choose to feed the kiddos first since the men where due to arrive home later then expeccted!

Mealtime1A MealtimeA

And to conclude! This picture is probably one of my favorites from the week. For me it shows simple worship. I know there was far more then that happening in this picture but it is beautiful non the less and I will label it that WORSHIP!


Enjoy your week serving and worshipping the Lord Our Creator!


2 thoughts on “South Carolina Review

  1. I love the last picture!!! What fun it looks like you guys had.

  2. tigergal01 says:

    thanks for sharing a small glimpse into your week…I’m sure you’ll treasure the memories for years to come!

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