Catching Up

Well, many of you are probably wondering how our aloe adventure is going. Well, it is still in bloom and finishing up. The first blooms have fallen off and the last blooms have just opened. This picture is from last week but it is a good idea on what it looks like.


And you know it is time to explore the outdoors when your boys think the wood stove ashes NEEDED to have a hole dug in them and their new trucks JUST NEEDED to haul said ashes all over! **sigh**


So the outdoor adventures have begun!!!!

OutdoorsA SwingingA

Then there is the oddity of my second born and how he eats bananas, any explainations are greatly welcome!


You also have the joy that Aunt Dani brings to our family! She blessed the boys with soap paint and they had a blast, and so did sister!

TitusPaintA JairusPaint CharityPaint

Now onto the real adventure of the past weeks. Charity and her busy-ness has taken off with her ability to climb steps!!!! Its as easy as 1,2,3,4!!!

 Steps1 Steps2 Steps3Steps4

And Daddy and the boys will be very thrilled at mommy’s impaired freedom when said lil’ miss takes off walking….For now she holds onto hands and thoroughly enjoys the ride, but soon there will be no stopping this very busy baby!


Until then I will cherish her crawling, climbing and walking along furniture!!!! Sigh, though this stage is full of changes, it is one I thoroughly enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. wow. . . the ashes. . . good of you to take a pic, some day we shall laugh at these “adventures” right!? LOL

  2. OK…the ashes are priceless…such a memory!!!  :wink-wink:And the aloe I just can’t believe how it is “blooming”….nice!And when baby starts to walk, we loose some of that innocence!  But yeah for her for getting there!Blessings, Kellly

  3. plainlady says:

    At least ashes are ‘cleanable’. There was a time when my youngest got into some paint…….. (ofcourse it was when he had on a good shirt).Brenda

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