Playing and Learning

  It has been so nice to be outside! The children love to be out enjoying the fresh air, spotting airplanes, tormenting our cat, and much more. I am learning the more I let them play and experince new things, the more their motor skills develope, their vocabulary grows, their sense of adventure broadens. I guess I am slow, it took me this long to figure that out :-p Anyway….here is how they have been learning and enjoying the outdoors.

This is Rascal

April Fun (41)a

This is Charity chasing Rascal.

Charity April (96)a

This is the hunter greatly disliking being hunted….any questions!

Charity April (100)a

This is what happens when you go outside and one boy is still asleep upstairs. He wakes up and finds his own adventure! (Seriously, for all the times I laughed at those moms this happened to and always stated never me! Well it bit me and it really does happen!) Notch it up for another, it will be funny when your older moment!

April Fun (40)a April Fun (39)a April Fun (38)a April Fun (37)a April Fun (36)a April Fun (34)a

Now back to the fun!!!

April Fun (2)a April Fun (14)a April Fun (10)a April Fun (18)a April Fun (29)a Charity April (137)a Charity April (139)a Charity April (142)a April Fun (25)a Charity April (152)a

And what is a trip to the park without trying to get some good pictures…HA!

April Fun (31)aCharity April (155)a

And here are Charity’s eleven month pictures.

Charity April (158)a Charity April (127)a

And some fun for me…A friend gave us some cats & kittens, I wanted to put them in a flower bed but hubby said the light there was not sufficent so this is what we did with them! I like it!

April Fun (45)a

Enjoy your week learning some new things from God!


5 thoughts on “Playing and Learning

  1. cerwindoris says:

    I bet someone’s bedroom smelled good. :smug: Cute, creative pictures.

  2. GodsDucks says:

    @cerwindoris – needless to say lowell’s church shoes still looked grayish on sunday…and there is still powder remenants even though it was vacumed thoroughly!   such is life with toddlers! and I am open to any super creative picture taking ideas you have! I am slowly learning! had a friend tell me to take a picture from 5-7 different angels then you normally would! I am having a blast with that!

  3. cerwindoris says:

    @GodsDucks – One of our boys did that in our bedroom, and I think I can still find powder in the crevices of the drawers. 🙂

  4. plainlady says:

    Really enjoy the pics. If only I were small enough to go down the slide again!!:wink-wink:

  5. GodsDucks says:

    @plainlady – i know really! i wish they made adult playgrounds!

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