Time To Catch Up

To start this post off, I asked my facebook friends if they would be interested in buying skirts made from pants for their little girls. I got some feed back. I also did some research on Etsy to see if I had a market and it seems there would be some interest if I were to sell the skirts that way, but for now I will just go with private sales. To show you all what I am looking at doing here is a skirt I did for Charity, these pants were more labor intensive because of the different fabric on the bottom. But it gives you an idea! I think it turned out nice and she is very mobile in it. Yes, it is a little big on her but growing room is great right now!

So, If you are interested in something like this, let me know!

Each one I do will be unique!

Now, this past month a wonderful lady featured my precious little girl on her blog!


And if that isn’t creative hair-styling for you, here is a peek at what “Aunt” Ashley can do with Charity’s hair!


I guess I am playing favorites, but lately all my pictures seem to be of my baby girl!

Who really isn’t a baby considering she turned one on Friday! Wow time flies! Anyway!

Charity had a blast the other day entertaining her self on our big slide!

Have an awesome week, feeling the hand of God, seeing the hand of God, and praising the works of God!





Charity Murna entered the world at 8:35am on this day a year ago.

Weighing in at 7 pounds 2 oz and 20 inches long.

Our lives have truly been blessed with her as a part of our family!


Sunshine after Rain

Sunday night saw the sky filled with random rain showers and a rainbow or two, prior to sunset. Shortly after the sun went down, the heavy rains came, along with lightening, thunder and heavy winds. The lightening and thunder disappeared as the sun rose once again. Even though a new day had dawned we didn’t see the sun until after 3:00. The boys begged to go outside despite the dreariness yesterday morning. We headed out just in time to watch a very dark cloud system roll in, as we entered the house for nap time, the rains came once again. But that was all short lived, you see, when the boys woke up from their naps, the sun was shining happily. The swollen crick still roared at the back our property and puddles lined our neighbors yard. (for those of you who are unaware, we live on a flood plain, so it is not uncommon to see the crick swollen or puddles covering a yard). We waited outside with rubber boots longing for little feet to enter, for daddy to come home. Once he was home and we had permission to let our boys play in the puddles they had a grand ole time!

A huge attraction was the worms that were brought to the surface! They were huge, roughly 4-6 inches (maybe some bigger). My hubby was wishing he had his fishing liscense after handling these worms.

Puddle Jumpin (10)a Puddle Jumpin (16)a Puddle Jumpin (30)a Puddle Jumpin (41)a Puddle Jumpin (39)a

Then they really got into doing what I LOVE to see boys do, run, jump, play, get dirty!!!!!

Puddle Jumpin (18)a Puddle Jumpin (33)a Puddle Jumpin (35)a Puddle Jumpin (48)a Puddle Jumpin (58)a

Here is a picture of the crick at its banks!

Puddle Jumpin (52)a

May you take time to enjoy the wonderful things God has given us to explore and learn with!