Family Vacation

Well, it is that time of year when families gather at a mountainous retreat for a weekend and allow the children to rip around and enjoy nature while the adults sit and talk. That’s exactly what the Ebersole’s did on Memorial Day weekend. With the exception of the fact that this will be our last family vacation with DH’s parents for 3 years. Yep, you read that right. If you didn’t know by now, DH’s parents (Nevin and Theda) are heading to Gernada for 3 years with OBMM. So we enjoy our weekend making lasting memories! 

There was a lot of nature and beauty to take in up at the farm house!

For example, snappers, snapper eggs, gliders, dragon flies, flowers, mountains, deer, ducks, birds, etc.

There were a variety of activities for the children to do. Bubbles, Kick Ball, T-Ball, Biking, Running, coloring, etc.

There were things for the big kids as well, like horse shoes, driving the ranger, chasing children, riding bike, etc.

Then there was a birthday needing celebrating. Actually two! Rhoda turned ?? and Charity is 1!!

We also had a night at the park, where the young and old got to play and run their energy out!

And a very trying time to get a good grandkid photo! Minus the 4 Mongolian Ebersole Grandkids!


The children were then rewarded with ice cream at a place called the Frog Hut!

We also had a campfire one night, with roasted hot dogs, smores and a bag of “his”(??) chips! That’s right we were almost done our campfire when we realized the “Herrs” chip bag said “His” in honor of Father’s day! Pretty cool!

And after a long weekend this is how the children looked!





One thought on “Family Vacation

  1. Just love the photo of them all sleeping! So sweet.

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