A week leading to Goodbye

As many of you know, we sent Lowell’s parents off to Gernada on friday morning!

The week leading up to the send off was filled with tons of activities to make memories and enjoy some time together for a while!

Lowell’s parents took each child and their family out for a meal and a trip to the park. Our night we went to Hoss’s then to Lititz Springs Park where alot of fun was had!

We fed ducks….

Played and laughed…

The week leading up to our farewell, was spent with family, enjoying each others company and time!!!!

Playing games like turtle, bucket ball, tag, and drop the hankey!

And of course what is time together without cuddles!

On friday some of us joined his parents at the airport to send them off….

Of course what is a send off without some trouble? They needed to get 6 suitcases down to 4 because of the restrictions. So they rearranged, sent stuff back home, shuffled and prayed. And yes, it worked, all suitcases were within weight limit and ready to go!

We ended up bringing two suitcases home with us!

We sat for a while and just talked, then grandma and grandpa got on the phone with the 4 grandchildren that stayed home and each wished them a good bye and love!

We enjoyed spending sometime fellowshipping before the somewhat rough goodbyes were said!

They are now safely in their destination and getting adjusted!



6 thoughts on “A week leading to Goodbye

  1. How long will they be gone?

  2. GodsDucks says:

    @Thebestthings – they are gone 3 years.

  3. @GodsDucks – Oh my gosh!!  That has to be very hard on everyone!  Awww I’m sad now…

  4. Thanks Lisa for this post.  Good memories.  Thanks for the prayers and love sent our way!!!!!

  5. GodsDucks says:

    @Thebestthings – we realize there will be ups and downs but we are at peace with it. God is good that way. I still have hidden tears needing to be let out. My oldest created the most precious and saddest goodbye, he refused to give hugs away, and when we were getting ready to leave he pulled away from my hubby’s hand and latched onto grandma and said he wanted to go with. He still insists he is going to pack his bag and go to gernada with grandma and grandpa! I think he is taking it the hardest, but no tears from him, it is just matter of fact statements.

  6. Heather says:

    Beautiful kids! It looks like you had a great time before they left!

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