What Has Kept Us Busy…..

Well, here are some pictures of what has kept us busy the past two weeks.

First, we had a week of VBS last week. The theme was Answers In Genesis: The Egypt File!

The committee did an awesome job with the sanctuary decorations.

These are what the boys rooms looked like. We had them in seperate classes this year!

The first two are Titus’ class and the bottom is Jairus’!

Over the weekend we enjoyed talking with Grandma and Grandpa (in Gernada).

And also enjoyed visiting with Great Grandma in the nursing home!

This past week I was kept busy with pickles, doctors appointments, and preperations for the Rock Carnival (pictures to come).

It has also been a challenge keeping, this little one, happy and trying to keep her from bumping her arm around too much.

During Bible School, the girls in our church who like to watch her enjoyed signing her cast!

She loved that her baby doll has joined her with a bum arm! And she is really learning to use her left hand. I have to wonder if it will make her left handed or if she will go back to using her right arm with out any aggrivation.

Well, that is it for now…I am needing to get my house in order now that our two big events of the summer have passed.

May God Bless Your Work Throughout The Week, Whether it Be Away or At Home!



A New Adventure

Yesterday seemed normal enough. 

All until just before bed time when Charity fell from the changer as I bent down to pick up cooler clothes for her for nap time.

I really thought nothing of it considering, it has happened before and no one ever got hurt.

She cried and settled hard for nap. Cooled her off then she slept.

When she awoke things hadn’t changed. After some further inspection, we decided her arm needed to be watched, until she tried to crawl, then we knew we needed to make a trip to the ER.

I headed in to the ER while, Hubby stayed at the Hershey dinner with the boys and Wendy and Ashley filled in for me at The Rock staff meeting.

The verdict was in she broke her arm. They splinted it and sent us on our way.

This afternoon we saw the Dr. who informed us both bone in the forearm were broke.

He casted her and told us to come back in 10 days.


She is none the worse for ware. She is such a trooper. She gets around find, flopping down, hopping up and toddling along!

We do know when the tylenol wears off though. 

God did bless me when I ran into an old friend across the hall and she provided a much needed break from the waiting for both Charity and I!

Look for God in even the most stressful situations! He is there!


It is not very common of me to have a post dedicated to words, but for some reason I am feeling like it is needed.

Maybe needed isn’t the right word,how about desired. Mean it is my blog and I can do with it what I wish, no?

So, I just received an awesome encouraging email, explaining the hand of God on a ministry I help with.

Isn’t it amazing where God takes individuals, how He leads them, guides their words, their thoughts, their every move.

It is also amazing to see that where we tread is being followed and watched. 

Our steps, though flawed and misplaced, fall right where God wants them, to help who God see’s needs help.

It is by no mere accident that those of us who work with these kids come from different backgrounds.

It is by no accident that we have each come through some pretty rough seas.

It is by no accident that these children pick and choose who to open up to.

These children are hurting, seeking, and longing for something better, God has placed us there for a reason. 

To help the brokenhearted, to show them Christ’s love and above all to be His hands and feet.

I am continually amazed at how God moves within ministries.

Whether you are  a minister, a missionary, a mom, a laborer, a ceo, or something else, where you are and who is in your life is a part of your ministry and a part of the work God has called you to do.

Those people who look to you for advice, wisdom or friendship, see something special.

Are they seeing JESUS?

Take time this week to make sure your walk is your talk and you are doing the best you can at being His hands and feet, because you never know who is watching and following you!

Our Anniversary Trip

On June 10th we celebrated five years of marriage.

We were able to get away without the children this past weekend to enjoy some R & R and time together.

We decided on DC for the trip. Its not too far away and it catered to our interest in history.

Our journey started with a minor detour due to a forgotten wallet at home.

We had a good laugh and enjoyed the time together talking and listening to stories on tape.

Here is the room that welcomed us and became our resting place for two days.

Saturday we headed to the Holocaust museum to see what WW 2 soldiers would have seen, to see what Christians saw, what Jews endured, and marvel at man’s depravity and what happens when Christ is out of the equation. They don’t allow photo’s in the main exhibit. These are from the children memorial wall.

After almost 5 hours at the museum we walked past the Washington monument, and through the WW2 memorial. Then “enjoyed” our metro journey again.


It was a good weekend with good conversations.