Our Anniversary Trip

On June 10th we celebrated five years of marriage.

We were able to get away without the children this past weekend to enjoy some R & R and time together.

We decided on DC for the trip. Its not too far away and it catered to our interest in history.

Our journey started with a minor detour due to a forgotten wallet at home.

We had a good laugh and enjoyed the time together talking and listening to stories on tape.

Here is the room that welcomed us and became our resting place for two days.

Saturday we headed to the Holocaust museum to see what WW 2 soldiers would have seen, to see what Christians saw, what Jews endured, and marvel at man’s depravity and what happens when Christ is out of the equation. They don’t allow photo’s in the main exhibit. These are from the children memorial wall.

After almost 5 hours at the museum we walked past the Washington monument, and through the WW2 memorial. Then “enjoyed” our metro journey again.


It was a good weekend with good conversations.



4 thoughts on “Our Anniversary Trip

  1. Grateful you had a relaxing weekend!  Love to you! 

  2. How wonderful!!  Glad you had a great time.  My oldest daughter wants to go to DC so bad she can’t stand it.  It is only 3 hours from where my husband is working so we are going to try and go soon. 

  3. GodsDucks says:

    @Thebestthings – you honestly could spend days there and never see everything. the smithsonians are awesome and the holocaust is an amazing reality check, then you have all the governmental stuff. it is a beautiful place! hoping it works out for ya’s! she will enjoy it!

  4. plainlady says:

    Congrats on the anniversary. So glad to hear you were able to have a get-away!

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