What Has Kept Us Busy…..

Well, here are some pictures of what has kept us busy the past two weeks.

First, we had a week of VBS last week. The theme was Answers In Genesis: The Egypt File!

The committee did an awesome job with the sanctuary decorations.

These are what the boys rooms looked like. We had them in seperate classes this year!

The first two are Titus’ class and the bottom is Jairus’!

Over the weekend we enjoyed talking with Grandma and Grandpa (in Gernada).

And also enjoyed visiting with Great Grandma in the nursing home!

This past week I was kept busy with pickles, doctors appointments, and preperations for the Rock Carnival (pictures to come).

It has also been a challenge keeping, this little one, happy and trying to keep her from bumping her arm around too much.

During Bible School, the girls in our church who like to watch her enjoyed signing her cast!

She loved that her baby doll has joined her with a bum arm! And she is really learning to use her left hand. I have to wonder if it will make her left handed or if she will go back to using her right arm with out any aggrivation.

Well, that is it for now…I am needing to get my house in order now that our two big events of the summer have passed.

May God Bless Your Work Throughout The Week, Whether it Be Away or At Home!



4 thoughts on “What Has Kept Us Busy…..

  1. Thanks for this post!  Charity looks taller!  I will always enjoy the pictures!  Great Grandma looks happy.  That is good!

  2. ebersoles says:

    Looks like you had a busy but profitable week! Love the pics of Charity and her doll!

  3. The doll is too cute!! I love AIG vbs program.  We get the magazine in the mail and the girls really enjoy reading it.   

  4. plainlady says:

    I’ve got jars that look just like that sitting around my kitchen!!! That time of year again!

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