Not Beyond Your Strength

October 2,2003

(almost one month after the accident)


He has you in His hands,

He’s not planning on letting you go.

He knows your pains and struggles,

As you fight to hold on.


Just remember God is faithful,

He won’t let you be tested beyond your strength,

But remember as your being tested,

He’ll provide a way for you to endure.


You think there’s no hope,

The days are long

And it’s a rough and bumpy road,

You struggle to hang on; Oh let Him bear your load.


For God is always faithful,

He won’t let anything befall you that you can’t handle,

As you’re being tried and tested,

He’ll provide a way out so you can endure it.


Hand it over to our Lord and Savior,

Know that He hears your cries,

Breathe a sigh of relief,

And smile because you know He gives you strength.


For you know that God is faithful,

You know He will give you strength,

And as you go through these trials and tests,

You can hang on because you know you’re blessed.



One thought on “Not Beyond Your Strength

  1. fromthecity says:

    Awesome how God is still finding ways of healing after all these years! I still have to laugh when I remember you found your flipflop 6 months later!

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