1200 miles and 30 hours


Last weekend we headed to SC, to drop off Nevin and Theda’s van for Les and Tonia when they come home on furlough on Oct. 4. We were blessed to be able to stay with our friends, Allen and Anne Beachy and their 4 children, when we arrived! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with them. Charity broadened her vocabulary adding cow, calf, hash (calf’s name was hashbrown), and horse! We also learned the fine art of making butter the old fashioned way and enjoyed picking some fruit from a wild persimmon tree! The fellowship was sweet and the bond of friendship just a smidge bit stronger! We are glad to have been able to bless so many with this trip and blessed for the many prayers said on our behalf as we traveled seperate on the way down and together on the way home. We were also blessed to experience some awesome rest stops on the way down, which allowed the children to run around and enjoy caterpillars, along with other things! The children enjoyed their playmates once we arrived in SC. They traveled wonderfully and I was ever so grateful for a friends helpful hint of packing bags full of new goodies (toys and food) for them to enjoy, library books and presents to hand out along the way. The travel kits weren’t filled with expensive things and the gifts were simple pleasures (such as pipe cleaners). Happy meal toys also added to the fun! Charity’s toy amazed me, I don’t ever remember a cool toy like hers, the eyes even opened and closed! The simple pleasures of life to be enjoyed for sure! And what is traveling without the ability to enjoy God’s amazing creation! We had beautiful clear days, sunshine and fair temperatures! Definately blessings all around!

May your blessings be bountiful this week!


4 thoughts on “1200 miles and 30 hours

  1. cerwindoris says:

    I enjoyed this post. How nice of you to take the van to SC. I’m glad you were blessed with nice days.

  2. reedseven says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.  Glad your trip went well!  Thanks for being the delivery van!  Hear you got to eat some of the food!

  3. ebersoles says:

    Thanks for delivering the van for us!! Glad your trip went well!

  4. GodsDucks says:

    @ebersoles – we are so excited for you’s to come home! can’t wait to see you’s! meet the brand new peanut and let titus and jairus rediscover zach! praying for safe travels!

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