Being a mom is…

….full of fun!

…filled with creativity!


…cooking! (the first is how you stretch 2 apples to feed 4 ppl! it is sautee’d apples, craisins, sunflower seeds, marshmallows, peanut butter served with pretzel fish!)

…trauma! (friday night we went to the ER with Moose, he fell full speed, face-first into the corner of a wooden step in our livingroom. Lots of blood, tears and time later, we just need to wash it off after each meal and give him soft foods for a while. The pictures don’t do it justice, it seriously looks alot worse in person! The first you can see his right cheek is swollen, and the next is the best I could get of how the inside of his mouth looks!)

…joy! (in watching your children grow to be helpers)



Being a mom is more then piles of wash, dirty dishes, changing diapers, time outs, naps and bad attitudes. Being a mom is full of many little treasures, the greatest is the treasures that make you a mom. Are you taking time to enjoy your little ones, the moments they bless you with, the wisdom they share, the sensitivity they create, and the smiles that make your checks ache???? Take time to see the blessings your children are to you this week and everyday!!!!