Do You See What I See?

It never ceases to amaze me, that when you look at something a second or third time you can see something that you didn’t notice before.

Case in point…..

These snow angel pictures!!!! (We have had fun with our children in the snow this year! They actually enjoy playing in it and are finding the joy in simple things like snow angels!)

LOOK AT THEM AGAIN (scroll down)!

(Done by our littlest family member!)


How about this one? (Done by Hubby as an example to the little ones)

This one is a little harder but it’s there. (Done by son #2)

This one makes me laugh! (Done by son #1, I needed to rotate the picture upside down to be able to see it, but sure enough it is there).


The unexpected in the ordinary! It blew me away and put a smile on my face, when I was sorting through and naming my recently downloaded pictures.

Look for a smiley face in your next snow angel! Don’t we serve an amazing God who smiles down on us (in a tangible way) as we joyfully create “caricature” of His heavenly creatures.

He loves us so much! He cares about the tiniest details and waits for us to open our eyes and see the things He has in store for us! He cares so much to send us a hug wrapped in the form of an angel, a smile created by His children!


Who We Are

This is who we are….

We are a family of 3 toddlers, who are busy, fun, loving, sensitive, unique, energetic, curious, beautiful, inquisitive and much more. And it shows….

We are an imperfect family, with children who stand on chairs during meals, wear rubber boots with pajamas, fighting, biting, tattle-tailing, tears, imbalanced meals, mountains of wash, a sink full of dirty dishes, late bedtimes, and much much more.

We are people who want others to see the best in us. We are a people who strive to serve God to the fullest. A family who yearns to be Jesus’ hands and feet to those around us. A family who knows the love of Christ. Individuals who stumble and fall only to be picked up  by our Saviour’s hand and put back on the path He has laid before us.  

We won’t always be picture perfect….

But we can cloth ourselves in God’s armor and love, step out into the unknown and move ahead knowing we are His creation.

We won’t always look our best but we will always be a picture of God’s grace, love, healing, understanding and so MUCH MORE!!!!