Don’t Try This At Home….



Professionals always have a way of making things look neat, beautiful, and simple….

Like these Cake Pops!!!!!

Chocolate Cake Balls

No Offense to It just wasn’t happening quite like it was suppose to on this end!

The making the cake, mixing it with icing and forming into balls was about the only thing that went smooth over here!!!

I decided to do these for our Sunday School Classes Valentines Banquet for our dessert bar. What I wasn’t planning on was our fondue pot burning the dark chocolate (fondue pots worked well for candy making why not this right?)

Next, the tiny crockpot also was a fail in keeping the white chocolate just the right temperature. I ended up putting it back into my double burner which still kept the chocolate too hot. (the yellow lighting is compliments of our stove light, sorry)

After a whole pan of cake balls officially self destructing, melting, and uncoated, I gave up. Keep in mind this endeavor of coating said cake balls and turning them into pops started around 8:30pm (after the children were in bed). This is what I had to show at 9:30 after an hour of battling these things and the chocolate.


Nothing to write home about! Right?

Well, Hubby entered into the picture to try and rescue me from my hair-brained idea. He had way more patience and was able to think outside of the box. He started to microwave the chocolate. These seemed to work as long as the cakes were cold enough. The crock pot (mentioned above) soon became the dumping ground for the flops.

Once there seemed to be a routine established things went a little smoother and cake pops actually started looking like they were suppose to.

With the pops being two different flavors, I made sure that the sticks were labeled appropriately.Red lines for the red velvet and blanks for the white cake. There were also two different sizes to add some dimension to the arrangements that were going to be put together.

The sprinkling station seemed to be set up almost perfectly. Almost because no matter how hard we tried those pesky little nonpareils kept bouncing out of the bowl that was meant to catch them.

As hubby kept cranking out the pops, I began to work on getting the display pieces together and organizing the pops in them.

That project proved to be complicated in its own right. Though I was grateful for my buying several different sizes of foam. (I ended up returning more then half of what I bought though). Anyway. At 12:30am we did a number count and decided that 1 pop a person was more then enough and began calling it quits. So while hubby cleaned up some, I finished my arrangements and photographed them.

We headed to bed at 1:30. That is after clean up and packing these arrangements to transport them to the Old Manheim Railroad Station. The next evening they transported fine and we enjoyed setting up and displaying and eating our edible delights as well as the other 10 desserts there to sample.

It was definitely a learning experience! One I will not be quick to try again!! I was grateful for my ever patient and loving husband who endured my insane project with me and helped immensely to achieve our goal!


This experience reminded me of this verse. Though maybe taken out of context it reminds us to work as diligently (if not more so) on spiritual things and we will reap the things God has for us! Endurance and patience are truly virtues to hold dear and to work on continually!

(Gal 6:9 NRSV)  “So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up.”


6 thoughts on “Don’t Try This At Home….

  1. cerwindoris says:

    Oh, wow! The end result looked wonderful – but that did sound like a lot of work.

  2. sailing5 says:

    Oh my tho’s looked really yummy and very pretty too! Great job~

  3. fromthecity says:

    Ok, I’ll not be adding that to my list of cute edible treats for the kids. I’ll stick to my brownie hearts for valentines day, thank you!

  4. i agree. she makes them look so easy. i have yet to be brave enough, now I’m not sure i ever will be. although I would like to eat one sometime! 

  5. GodsDucks says:

    @fruitloops115 – They are delicious! What I did with the pan of balls I still had left was to melt the remaining icing with some chocolate chips, stirred it together and drizzled it over the balls and added some sprinkles for looks and served them to the family for valentine’s day! That was so much easier. The taste almost makes the work worth it!

  6. SchweSchwe says:

    Thanks for the chuckle!  Sounds like the caramel brownies I tried to make last fall…. I have a post about it, if you want to laugh at me in return  =)

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