Is this normal???

When you have toddlers-that question-Is this normal?–seems to service quite a bit.

With having only one sibling and being five years apart–I don’t remember many playtimes together–I do remember chores together–and the occasional fight, but we were pretty much two separate individuals. So it has been very fun, amusing, interesting, and confusing (at times) to watch these little souls take shape and become individuals and friends.

So I will leave it to you to tell me if their many adventures are normal or if our family is just plain ole’ strange…

Mean-seriously, is it normal for a 3 year old to pretend he is a puppy with a 4 year old encouraging it? Let alone that they were pretending to be their cousin (the 4 yr old’s role) and his dog (the 3 yr old’s role)

Or is it normal to have a child who gets elated when he shows the obvious spottage of the chicken pox? He seriously didn’t complain, barely even scratched, didn’t even get a fever. How more abnormal can that be?

What about having a not quite 2 year old insisting on helping shake the iced tea jug? When I say insists I mean it. She gets very adamant…that is easily forgiven when you see the twinkle in her eyes as a sense of accomplishment comes over her. Is she normal or does she seriously have her own drummer to march to???

I remember playing with boxes, cardboard tubes, string, sticks and water-but a bucket? Are we normal for thinking this is absolutely adorable and cute (and photographing it)…or are they normal for thinking of it in the first place???

And the one that I will not complain about but often wonder about is….Is it normal to have 3 toddlers who insist, beg, and cry if you don’t let them help you? We enjoy our evening when we can do chores together because something about doing it with 3 willing helpers makes it fun and memorable. Its not with out some undry dishes or a soaked dress and rug and countertop, but hey not everything can be without incidence right?


God has given us a gift in each one of these precious souls. We thoroughly enjoy their creativity, energy, and stubbornness. It is hard sometimes, but enjoy each person in your life as if they were the best present you have ever received because each person is the best present God has created. They are each unique, none compares to the other. And though I may be joking about being normal, normal is only a measurement that we have created. We are all beyond normal to God. Unique, a masterpiece–and we all know that no masterpiece can be normal–it is exceptional–museum worthy–with no price tag because it is exactly that–priceless. Let us treat each individual with that type of measurement-the measurement of God, not of man. When we do this and live like this we will then all appear abnormal. What a wonderful thought when you think of it on these terms. May God bless us as we strive to be abnormal and to enjoy each person for who God has created them to be.



Resurrected Raiments

I have decided to embark into the world of a mommy business. Mine is to make something useful out of the useless, to use the scraps laying around, to make modest, practical and fun clothing with the purpose of honoring God with everything made.

So here you are….


I have started with turning pants into skirts…

This is a favorite. I did not need to add any material and it is full enough for Charity to run and climb in. (Not for Sale)

Made from a 2 pairs of sweat pants, the pink were stained but there was enough to fill in and add a stripe. 

A Children’s Place pair of pants turned into a well fitting skirt.

Another pair of pants filled in with a simple plain piece of pink fabric.

Another pair of pants turned to a skirt.

This one proved to be harder then I thought it would be. I am happy for the finished product but I will not be selling it for the imperfections that I know are there. It was a good learning experience. Here are the stages it went through.

This one was fun. I had this tank top I loved but knew I wouldn’t wear it as such on Charity so….This is what I came up with.

And finally, a friend shared this with me. I decided to try it with a pair of socks that got a premature hole in it. And then with my toe sock collection (which hubby wasn’t too fond of). They were super easy and fun!

Well, that is it for now from Resurrected Raiments. If you want me to whip something together for you or a friend, email me @


“So if anyone is in Christ, 

there is a new creation: 

everything old has passed away; 

see, everything has become new!”

(2 Cor 5:17 NRSV)



Catch Up

I have been feeling like I have been behind on lots of things and one of them is this blog. 

So without further ado, here are some pictures I intended to post earlier and never did.

Ever year the class my husband teaches for sunday school has a winter party. This year we did not have a baby sitter for our children so they got to enjoy the fun of some of the games with us. Here is them and their daddy enjoying the donut game.


It is a known fact the black olives belong on fingers. (As per my family). See even the youngest member knows it!

The children enjoyed dropping snow on the unsuspecting dog!!!

Who says only boys play with trucks!

For Valentine’s day we made these for the boys to paint and share with their friends. I forgot to take pictures of Jairus painting so here is Titus’ part of the fun.

Then there is our amazing blooming aloe plant. From all my research this is a rare event, one that we have been blessed with twice now. If you don’t remember this happened last year at the same exact time. (Last Years Bloom)We feel blessed by this silly plant that was gifted to us by my husband’s grandfather just before we moved here (4 years ago). 


May God Keep Us Patient, Ever Looking For Jesus In The Sky. May We Continue To Leave Each Day For Him As If It Were Our Last,

A little surprise with coffee

I guess it was about a week ago that four of us girls and the mom and mother-in-law and hubby-to-be had a fun time surprising the bride-to-be! 

For any of you who know her, Dani, is a hard person to surprise. With some awesome help from her soon to be spouse, we pulled it off. She was surprised and entered into an amazing night of fun, food, gifts, conversations, and best of all Starbucks style coffee. 

The maid of honor, Mom Hershey, and I spent the hour or so before hand setting up and making sure everything was decorated and prepared to make an enjoyable evening.

One of the other bride’s maids (matron actually :D) was our official barista for the evening. And she did an amazing job, orders were placed, milk was steamed, espresso was made, 7 different Torani syrups were to be seen, mugs were lined up and best of all the wonderful creations were enjoyed!

Of course there was the typical bridal shower things such as gifts and the toilet paper dress designing game.

All in all it was a fun filled night for all. Dani was surprised and blessed. And us as bride’s maids learned a little more about each other and communication! :p We were so glad to be able to put this together for her. And now we are anticipating with her April 9 when she will marry the man of her dreams.

May God remind us all of those special relationships in our lives this week. May we not take for granted our friends, family, spouses, and most of all our Father in Heaven.


To Maine and Back Againe…..

Well, I am thinking we have mastered traveling long distances with 3 small children.

If you are wondering this is how we travel.

Books, Tapes, and Music Cd’s from the Library and our own collections.

Little presents for the small travelers along the way.

Frequent (at times) rest stops. (sometimes the side of the road had to do.) :p 

Many naps for the little travelers. (Yes that is Jairus under the blanket and yes he was asleep!)

Food. One must have food to travel long distances. This was our lunch stop on the way up.

Travel friendly foods were also quite handy for the little ones. These Cheerio containers held more then Cheerios at times.

We (hubby and I) not only enjoyed the story tapes but also the scenery. This shot was from our trip up. As the temperature hit the freezing mark the rain started leaving the trees with a beautiful coating of ice on them. It is hard to see but these trees were freshly ice coated.

On the way home we admired the freshly snow covered greenery and the amazing sunset.

And what is a trip to Maine and back without tolls….(they are really hard to avoid the closer to Maine you get. Never much but on and off through the journey).

And some of you are wondering what took us North. Well the wedding of a friend and visiting with some others and a housewarming shower for yet another (sorry no pictures of the shower)

It was a good, blessing filled weekend. 

May God grant you traveling mercies as you travel this road called life. May He be ever present, ever loving and may you be ever listening and ever learning.