To Maine and Back Againe…..

Well, I am thinking we have mastered traveling long distances with 3 small children.

If you are wondering this is how we travel.

Books, Tapes, and Music Cd’s from the Library and our own collections.

Little presents for the small travelers along the way.

Frequent (at times) rest stops. (sometimes the side of the road had to do.) :p 

Many naps for the little travelers. (Yes that is Jairus under the blanket and yes he was asleep!)

Food. One must have food to travel long distances. This was our lunch stop on the way up.

Travel friendly foods were also quite handy for the little ones. These Cheerio containers held more then Cheerios at times.

We (hubby and I) not only enjoyed the story tapes but also the scenery. This shot was from our trip up. As the temperature hit the freezing mark the rain started leaving the trees with a beautiful coating of ice on them. It is hard to see but these trees were freshly ice coated.

On the way home we admired the freshly snow covered greenery and the amazing sunset.

And what is a trip to Maine and back without tolls….(they are really hard to avoid the closer to Maine you get. Never much but on and off through the journey).

And some of you are wondering what took us North. Well the wedding of a friend and visiting with some others and a housewarming shower for yet another (sorry no pictures of the shower)

It was a good, blessing filled weekend. 

May God grant you traveling mercies as you travel this road called life. May He be ever present, ever loving and may you be ever listening and ever learning. 


One thought on “To Maine and Back Againe…..

  1. I enjoyed the journey with you!  I loved seeing those little faces again!  I love Grenada, but I do miss our family too!  God is good to have blessed us with pictures and skype!  Love to you all

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