A little surprise with coffee

I guess it was about a week ago that four of us girls and the mom and mother-in-law and hubby-to-be had a fun time surprising the bride-to-be! 

For any of you who know her, Dani, is a hard person to surprise. With some awesome help from her soon to be spouse, we pulled it off. She was surprised and entered into an amazing night of fun, food, gifts, conversations, and best of all Starbucks style coffee. 

The maid of honor, Mom Hershey, and I spent the hour or so before hand setting up and making sure everything was decorated and prepared to make an enjoyable evening.

One of the other bride’s maids (matron actually :D) was our official barista for the evening. And she did an amazing job, orders were placed, milk was steamed, espresso was made, 7 different Torani syrups were to be seen, mugs were lined up and best of all the wonderful creations were enjoyed!

Of course there was the typical bridal shower things such as gifts and the toilet paper dress designing game.

All in all it was a fun filled night for all. Dani was surprised and blessed. And us as bride’s maids learned a little more about each other and communication! :p We were so glad to be able to put this together for her. And now we are anticipating with her April 9 when she will marry the man of her dreams.

May God remind us all of those special relationships in our lives this week. May we not take for granted our friends, family, spouses, and most of all our Father in Heaven.



One thought on “A little surprise with coffee

  1. tigergal01 says:

    What a fun and creative way to bless the special coffee gal!   Thanks for sharing the pictures of your lovely time together!

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