Is this normal???

When you have toddlers-that question-Is this normal?–seems to service quite a bit.

With having only one sibling and being five years apart–I don’t remember many playtimes together–I do remember chores together–and the occasional fight, but we were pretty much two separate individuals. So it has been very fun, amusing, interesting, and confusing (at times) to watch these little souls take shape and become individuals and friends.

So I will leave it to you to tell me if their many adventures are normal or if our family is just plain ole’ strange…

Mean-seriously, is it normal for a 3 year old to pretend he is a puppy with a 4 year old encouraging it? Let alone that they were pretending to be their cousin (the 4 yr old’s role) and his dog (the 3 yr old’s role)

Or is it normal to have a child who gets elated when he shows the obvious spottage of the chicken pox? He seriously didn’t complain, barely even scratched, didn’t even get a fever. How more abnormal can that be?

What about having a not quite 2 year old insisting on helping shake the iced tea jug? When I say insists I mean it. She gets very adamant…that is easily forgiven when you see the twinkle in her eyes as a sense of accomplishment comes over her. Is she normal or does she seriously have her own drummer to march to???

I remember playing with boxes, cardboard tubes, string, sticks and water-but a bucket? Are we normal for thinking this is absolutely adorable and cute (and photographing it)…or are they normal for thinking of it in the first place???

And the one that I will not complain about but often wonder about is….Is it normal to have 3 toddlers who insist, beg, and cry if you don’t let them help you? We enjoy our evening when we can do chores together because something about doing it with 3 willing helpers makes it fun and memorable. Its not with out some undry dishes or a soaked dress and rug and countertop, but hey not everything can be without incidence right?


God has given us a gift in each one of these precious souls. We thoroughly enjoy their creativity, energy, and stubbornness. It is hard sometimes, but enjoy each person in your life as if they were the best present you have ever received because each person is the best present God has created. They are each unique, none compares to the other. And though I may be joking about being normal, normal is only a measurement that we have created. We are all beyond normal to God. Unique, a masterpiece–and we all know that no masterpiece can be normal–it is exceptional–museum worthy–with no price tag because it is exactly that–priceless. Let us treat each individual with that type of measurement-the measurement of God, not of man. When we do this and live like this we will then all appear abnormal. What a wonderful thought when you think of it on these terms. May God bless us as we strive to be abnormal and to enjoy each person for who God has created them to be.



3 thoughts on “Is this normal???

  1. fromthecity says:

    Cherish every minute of it, that’s what makes memories!

  2. Beautifully Normal!    Love to you all, Mom

  3. plainlady says:

    Yeah, you sound about normal!

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