Our New Adventure

I know I have been off my “blogging” game. Life has been hectic. With me still not feeling good and the beginning of this adventure, well, life is changing and I am ok with that. I never quite thought I would be here. Oh…. Where is here you ask? Here at home, almost a month into our first year home schooling….

We decided to start slow. We are using the Rod and Staff A thru F series, with G thru I waiting in the wings for the springtime.

This was his first day. See my notebook in the foreground? I wrote out my goals for the year and assessed the things he could (or couldn’t do). It gave me a great feel for where he already is at.

We don’t have a “classroom” setting as of yet. Eventually. The plans are drawn up but well….Some other house projects need to happen first, like a bedroom switching party in which our daughter gets her own room and we move to another one and prepare for this little one to show up. Anyway…..Side note aside….He is absolutely loving school.

I love his intensity and seriousness. Though I have learned he is easily distracted and needs to be reminded to ignore his squabbling siblings in the next room. I also need to remember to have the radio off, as that is a distraction. 🙂 Some days we differ from the set books and work in one of the white board marker books I have aquired from various garage sales.

One thing we both really enjoy about this curriculum is the Bible lessons. Very kid friendly with simple reinforcement questions and coloring pages and bible verses. Titus has these two nailed. He gets offended when I don’t use the white board. And even though he can’t read, the whole writing it out and erasing a word as we continue to repeat it, really works for him. He gets super excited when he can say it without help when the board is erased.

And hubby and I are learning to see the teachable moments in everyday things. Like the package I got with some preschool Rod and Staff books for boy #2. It was filled with packing peanuts. The ones that are biodegradable and some that weren’t. He loved the hands on science lesson, geared just at his age level.

Or the little frogs that keep showing up in our driveway. They were enamored with this little guy. Titus even flipped it over while it was in the container and got to watch it play dead, then spring back to hopping around.

So there you have it. You don’t need a classroom or some amazing setup to homeschool. You need a willing and obedient heart, love, patience, a willingness to learn your child, and a knowing that if today was too stressful, we can take a break tomorrow. 🙂 I never thought I would home school, and I am still not sure how far we will take this, but for kindergarten I am okay with it and we will continue to take one day, one hour at a time, and see what God does with this arrangement.


May we all be willing to listen to God’s calling in our lives, whether it is something big, like a schooling choice, or something little like a different route to work. That still small voice is super amazing!