And Yet Again

If you have been following me for sometime you know that today is a pretty special day.

I can’t elaborate more then I already have in these posts…..–22

Start at the bottom of the page and read up through the entries, if you feel like reading.

Otherwise, today is a day that stirs memories.

Memories of fear, gratefulness, praise, horror, unforgiveness and forgiveness, heart-stopping memories, painful ones, happy ones, embarrassing ones, and many, many more.

Today is a day that irritates me…Because the same day as my accident and I was saved by the wearing of a helmet, others were proudly displaying their “freedom” of not wearing them. If only people understood. If only PA realized more lives would be saved by reenacting the helmet law. I digress. 


Today I am a little more grateful, thankful, blessed and loved. Today I am a little more in love with God, His mercies, His love, His plans and His miracles.


Today is a thinking day. And the rain makes it so much easier to be that way. 


May you each be blessed and hugged by God today.

As for me I am reflecting on His lovingkindness.