Its been a long time…

For all those who are followers and have missed my updates, I am sorry.

Lots have happened since my last post.

I would love to post pictures of what has been going on but I am not ready yet. 

Here is a brief summary….

Sept. 3-7 Tropical Storm Lee plastered our area with over 20 inches of rain.

Sept. 7 The creek at the back of our property had, had enough of the rain and spilled its banks without ceasing. Around 6pm we started to get water in our basement, at midnight we evacuated our house, waking 3 sleepy children up and heading for higher ground in the pouring rain.

Sept. 8 Our house was still standing but the damage was uncertain (5.6 ft in the basement, 3.5 ft in the garage, 12 inches in the floor joists of our living room) and the chaos overwhelming (including 2 totalled vehicles).

Nov. 23 We have had 2 engineers, 1 adjuster, 1 FEMA rep., 1 contractor, tons of volunteers out to our house yet we are no closer to being back in. We have been blessed by members from our church to stay at a small and very suitable house until ours is back together. We are still waiting and praying this will resolve soon. 


On top of all of this baby #4 is due in 6-8 weeks. The holidays are around the corner. Phone calls are constantly being made to try and get answers and much more.


If you think of it continue to lift us up. The stress can be overwhelming at times. The lack of answers nerve wrecking. The continuing rains depressing. Change hard. God has been faithful thus far and we trust Him to continue to show us through. It is by His hands we are where we are at and by His hands everything will fall into place and answers will be clear. 

So until I have more time and more understanding….

Rich blessings from the Lord as we enter into the season of Thankfulness and Wonder!