Tropical Storm Lee—and the aftermath

Well. It is coming up on a year since our lives got turned upside down. I would be a fool to say that my life has returned to normal and we are recovered and such but that really isn’t the truth. Time marches on but memories don’t. 

I would have never thought that I would have to evacuate my home at midnight due to flood waters (a fire maybe). So much has happened since those eventful days. After seven months away we moved back into our house (still under construction). We are still in the process of rebuilding. 

I am planning on a series of posts here to share my experience. It was quite deliberate on my part to avoid posting pictures of the flood for numerous reasons, privacy being one of them. Life was so disheveled that it literally became one foot in front of the other. How I got from then to now is really only an act of God’s tender mercies. He really did watch over us and protect us. Guide us, Love us and Help us. I am not saying there weren’t stresses, fights, tears, panics, or fears and I am not saying it was all blessings, gifts, smiles, triumphs and jubilation. It was a total mixed bag. With that said my goal over the next few posts is to show both the ups and downs and to try my best to be transparent when I know I wasn’t earlier. (I guess that is the beauty and terror of the blog-o-sphere).

And so with the beginning of September upon I am left filled with more thoughts then my brain can handle. I usually devote the beginning of Sept. to another anniversary but I will let you rewind through these posts at your leisure this year….201120102008(a), 2008(b), 2008(c), 2008(d), 2008(e), 2008(f), 2008(g), 2008(h)……. And to be honest I am really NOT looking forward to the beginning of September. It is marked with some monumental events that I really never want to happen again, but make up who I am so….I look forward to sharing this journey with you over the next few days and weeks.


One thought on “Tropical Storm Lee—and the aftermath

  1. cerwindoris says:

    I look forward to reading your thoughts and seeing the pictures.

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